Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elite's Mini Wafer Cubes

It seems that "cubed" might be a trend, of sorts, over at Elite right now. After they gave us the Must Cubed Gum (which I reviewed here) they now present Mini Cubed Wafers.
There are 2 Mini Cubed Wafers to choose from; vanilla wafers with chocolate filling and vanilla wafer with nut filling.
As this photo on Artzeinu's blog points out, wafers are very popular here in Israel. I'm not sure we really needed another wafer on the (already full) shelf.

As a whole I find the filling in most of Elite wafers to be very grainy and therefore I do not particularly care for them, I much prefer Loacker's wafers. I was still curious to taste these new mini cubed Elite wafers.

The fillings were not as grainy as Elite's other wafers but it was far from the quality and taste of the Loacker wafers. I didn’t really enjoy either of these new mini cubed wafers; neither the chocolate nor the nut fillings were rich or interesting.

Elite's Mini Cubed Wafers have no trans-fats, no preservatives and no food coloring added, but to me they still had a waxy after-taste.

Elite's wafer on top of Loacker's
 I did however like the size of Elite's mini cubed wafers, they are really small; about 2/3 the size of Loacker's cubes. I found this mini cube wafer a fun size to pop in your mouth. I still don’t think that’s enough of a reason to buy them over Loacker's Quadratini wafers.

Arrow pointing to the metal stick
What is innovative and impressive about this new product is the packaging and not the wafer itself. Elite has inserted a small flexible metal stick, in a strategic spot, on the back of the bag. They give clear instructions how to roll-up the top of the bag and then fold-down the metal bar, in order to securely close the bag.

It is definitely a huge improvement over the "sticker option", to re-close the bag, which Loacker uses. Granted it will not vacuum-pack the wafers or keep them as fresh as a zip-lock would but, it certainly is a better closure than the sticker. I hope they will start using this on many of their other bags. With the right product it may even get them a product of the year award next year.

I don’t want anyone to "judge a book by its cover" and buy this wafer because of the bag, in my opinion the product inside was not good enough to justify that. At times packaging can affect whether I repurchase a product or not but only when the product inside is worth it.

Bottom Line: The Mini Cubed Elite Wafer was not as bad as other Elite wafers and the packaging was impressive but for me Loacker's Quadratini Dark Chocolate Wafer wins hands down.

Kosher: OU Milky Cholov Yisroel

200 gram bag – 9.50 NIS

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I can't go near these things. Chocolate filled wafers, even the cheap ones, are like Robin-crack, I just can't stop at one (or two or three or four for that matter...).

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  2. "are like Robin-crack, I just can't stop at one (or two or three or four for that matter...)"
    your funny - well this size would be addictive because they are so easy to pop in your mouth a handful at a time:)