Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mama-Of's Crunchy RitzuOf

Mama-Of, known for its wide variety of frozen schnitzels has added a new Chicken-Strip Schnitzel called "RitzuOf Crunchy".

"RITZUOF" is another "slang like" word made up of 2 words
   Strip- רצועה
 - Chicken עוף
Combining them together you get RitzuOf = ChickenStrips

This is the second RitzuOf from Mama-Of, the first one being a sesame chicken-strip. Crunchy RitzuOf is just like the sesame-breadcrumb, chicken-schnitzel strips but this time no sesame-seeds and the coating is intended to be crunchier.

These Mama-Of products are made of 100% chicken-breast and have no preservatives added. This new Crunchy RitzuOf is no exception it's 100% chicken-breast, coated in crispy bread-crumbs and spices. They then fry them and immediately freeze them, to keep in the crispiness.

They are sold a zip-lock bags, which I found to be very convenient, so long as I close it properly I can keep it in the freezer, for a reasonable amount of time, without them getting freezer burn.

I liked the shape and size of these chicken-strips they are long and thinner and very convenient to dip in your favorite condiment. Since they are longer, you might have to double dip

They were a fun snack for a few friends who stopped by to watch a game. They can easily be a convenient main course, with the benefit of not having to cut-up the schnitzel for the kids.

Baked in an oven the coating was crispy as promised, but the batch I put in the microwave were not crispy.

We all agreed that it was a little too salty, the sweet & sour chili-dip and BBQ sauce helped mask that. The chicken inside was moist and tasty. The fact that it's made of real breast-chicken definitely made a difference.

Bottom Line: I liked the shape and size of the Crunchy RitzuOf. To me, the fact that they are 100% real chicken-breasts is a big plus, but they were too salty for me. I might have to try the sesame one and see if they are less salty.

650 gram bag–introduction sale for the month of March - 34.99 NIS
After which the price with be 39.99 NIS

Kosher: Meat – Mehadrin

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own

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