Monday, March 21, 2011

Strauss's "Magnum Desire" Ice-Cream Bars

Don't be fooled by this drawing
Strauss has a habit of introducing their new summer-line of ice-creams mid-March, toward the end of winter. Considering the mild winters we have here, there are very few days that ice-cream is not appropriate. Maybe their timing is not so odd and they just want to get a jump start on their competition.

Today is not only Shushan Prium but it's also the first day of spring so lets have some ice-cream.
Among Strauss's new ice-creams there are 2 new Magnum Ice-Cream bars that they are calling the "Magnum Desire" line.
Praline and Orange; orange rippled chocolate ice-cream, with nougat flavored pralines & orange cubes, then coated in bittersweet chocolate & chopped hazelnuts.
I've mentioned before that I prefer bittersweet chocolate. Since I could not find the bittersweet chocolate one in my supermarket; I tried the second one, which is
Praline and Nuts; almonds and nuts flavored rippled vanilla ice-cream with cinnamon flavored pralines, then coated in milk-chocolate & chopped hazelnut.
To me, "on paper" they both sounded very elaborate and intriguing. That is until I took my first bite. The coating was fairly hard and if I let it sit for a few minutes the ice-cream inside would have been so soft and melted off the stick too fast. Maybe they need to make the coating a little thinner.

Another thing I did not like about the coating was how grainy the chocolate itself was. To me, it tasted like a very low quality chocolate. In many ways that sort of fit with the low quality of the ice-cream itself, which was more ICE than CREAM!

I saw so little almond and nut ripple that I could hardly taste it. There were only 2 pralines in the whole bar. Yes, it was a mini-bar, but for a 4 inch x 1 inch bar that seems like a ridiculously low amount to me. The 2 I did have were way to hard in comparison to the ice-cream. I did not taste any cinnamon in them. I didn’t really enjoy them; maybe it's not so bad that there were only 2 pralines to be found. 

Bottom line: In my opinion, there was nothing desirable about this Magnum ice-cream bar. If I want to indulge in ice-cream I'll stick to Chubby Hubby and leave Straus's "Magnum Desire Bars" in the store freezer.

Box of 5 mini bars - 30.99 NIS (Full Bar 9.40 NIS)

Kosher: Milk Mehadrin

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own


  1. You are totally performing a public service here. I completely would have gotten sucked into that ice cream bar based on the description! But I'll stick to B&J or one of my local gelato places.

  2. Hi Onetiredema ..I'm thrilled! So glad the blog is doing exactly what I intended it to do:)