Monday, March 7, 2011

Strauss Dairy Puddings "Spring Line"

Strauss Dairy officially launched its "spring line" of puddings; 2 new items and 2 re-launches of products that had been taken of the shelf and are now making a comeback.

I did not know that there are "seasonal lines" when it comes to milk products but, as I've mentioned before, the dairy market, here in Israel, is very competitive. Nothing they do should surprise me at this point

For the consumer this "war" has its pros and its cons but, for me, it constantly provides many products to review, so lets get started 

In the kids department we have a 4 container package of
Dani Pudding "Drink".
Well it's not really a drink, but it's intended to be "eaten" via a straw (that they provide in the package). It's the same popular, sweet, chocolate Dani pudding with a slight twist.

There is no allotted spot where you are meant to put the straw in but wherever I tried it worked without a problem.

The consistency of the pudding was somewhere between and pudding and a heavy milkshake, somewhat similar to that of Chocolate Leben, sold in the USA these days.

I found it easy to "eat" the Dani via a straw. I thought it would be less messy for a child to enjoy the Dani this way, but for a 2 1/2 year old it was a struggle to get the pudding through the straw. He got so frustrated and asked for a spoon. Since Dani is geared toward young children I'm surprised they made it too thick for a 2 1/2 year old to enjoy the Dani this way.

Bottom line: Depending on the age of the child, this may be a neater way to eat Dani, but I am not sure the original Dani is that much thicker. So this could just be a (partially unsuccessful) gimmick.

Package of 4 - 9.90 NIS

Next up is a Milky Black Orange Pudding
If you've read my Dark Chocolate Egozi post or the Dark Chocolate Fitness Bar review you may know by now that I prefer dark chocolate, so I like the "Milky Black" they sell.

This new one is meant to have orange flavor mixed in. (The package clearly says there is no real fruit in the milky). I say "meant to" because I did not taste the orange, that is, until I finished the pudding and there was an ever so slight orange after-taste, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Granted I don't have the most developed palate in the world and I guess there are people that will taste the orange, but for me it was a bad version of "Milky Black" so I personally will give this a miss.

As with the Milky Black the container is not completely see-through. In this case the 3 colors on the package are not representative of what is actually in the container. You do not have a layer of orange at the bottom and the pudding is not as dark as the color on the container.  

Bottom line: I'll stick to the Milky Black without the orange flavor.

134 gram container - 3.45 NIS

Milky Whip-Cream with Chocolate-Syrup (or Chocolate chip) Add-in
This is how it looked when I
 first opened the containers
This was on the self a while ago and is now making a comeback, of sorts. I had not tried it back then so I did now.

By the time I got it home and opened, the whip-cream had completely fallen; all the air had gone out of it and the container looked half full (or half empty). There was even a small lump of inedible wipe-cream at the bottom.

I know there are many kids who only like the milky for the whip-cream, if that’s the case, then buy whip-cream or whip some up on your own and pour some chocolate syrup on top because paying 7 NIS for the small amount of whip-cream and chocolate-syrup (in a separate little container on top) you get here, is simply robbery!

Bottom Line: Major disappointment.

2 containers – 7 NIS

The final product is also a re-launch, this time of a classic Strauss pudding that has been off the shelf for about 10 years. The "Rosemary" Chocolate Pudding  "Ma'adan HaGolan" is now back.  

Bottom line: Nothing new here just a much requested comeback of a popular classic pudding.

160 gram container - 3.73 NIS

All the products reviewed in this post are
Kosher: Milk - Rabbinate Nahariya

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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