Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tnuva's Shtuzim-Whipped Cheese-Yogurt

Believe it or not, I have another yogurt to review. I could probably review a milk product once a week and still not cover all the new dairy products that are released here on a regular basis.

Since I gave so much attention to Strauss's Spring Line of Puddings I thought it only fair to review Tnuva Yoplait's "Shtuzim".

I'm not sure why they call them Shtuzim as far as I can tell Shtuzim is a slang word made popular by a children's author (Datia Ben-Dor) it comes from 2 words
 Nonsense, silliness - שטויות
 Rhymes, poems - חרוזים
The kind of rhymes you might find in a Dr. Seuss book (don’t get me wrong I'm not saying Dr. Seuss books are silly or nonsense, I love them.)

What story-book rhymes has to do with this "whipped" cheese-yogurt, I have no
clue. Yes, Shtuzim is geared toward children but that’s the only connection I can come up with.

Shtuzim is Tnuva's answer to Strauss's whipped Daniela Yogurt. (You may have noticed from the Dani pudding that Strauss likes to give some of their yogurts/pudding human names).

Shtuzim is available in 3 flavors; Vanilla, Strawberry and Apple

The strawberry and apple ones are made with real fruit (whereas Strauss's fruit versions are not). Shtuzim is made of whipped cheese and whipped BIO yogurt, making it heartier and better for you than its competitor from Strauss.

I tasted the vanilla flavor and I really enjoyed it.

It was light and fluffy. The vanilla flavor was present but not overpowering it has a delicate or subtle vanilla flavor. It did have a slight yogurt taste but it was more sweet than sour. It was actually very close to Strauss's Daniela but a little sweeter and ever so slightly fluffier. I personally preferred Shtuzim vanilla over the Daniela vanilla whipped yogurt.

Bottom line: Regardless of the name I liked this whipped cheese-yogurt and I would buy it again. I preferred it to Strauss's version.

Box of 4 containers - 84 grams each – 9.69 NIS

Kosher: Milk Chief Rabbinate of Israel
מחיל חלב נוכרים

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Wow, this sounds amazing! I am a big Datia Ben-Dor fan to boot. I hope it stays around long enough for me to try it.

  2. Hi inoursmallgarden-I hope this one stays too:)
    Wow your a fan of Datia Ben-Dor cool!
    I had never heard of her till now. So Shtuzim was not an odd word for you, like it was for me at first:)

  3. Hi, actually the shtuzim line started off with Gamadim type of cheese yogurts (in red containers, probably right next to them, also in different fruit flavors and vanilla) and now they've come out out with Daniella versions. I think the red ones came out last year.

    I like the concept, because I feel it can be a bit more filling for babies and toddlers than just yogurt.

    Good luck with your blog, it's a nice idea.

  4. Thanks Abbi, for that extra info about the Gamadim.
    And thanks for your kind words about this blog idea.

  5. Is there anything cholov Yisroel that you have checked out? Thanks.

  6. Hi Bizzy, I know, I'm sorry ,so many of the new items are not Cholov Yisroel, I have noticed that once a product is "successful" the company usually also makes a "Mehadrin" vertion.

  7. HI Bizzy
    Tnuva's Cottage Cheese Snack-Pack with Strawberries or Honey is Cholov Yisroel as is Strauss's "Magnum Desire" Ice-Cream Bars

    I also think that some of the Strauss Dairy Puddings "Spring Line" might be available in in a Mehadrin vertion