Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mentos Power Kiss Orange-Mint

מנטוס פאוור קיס
I found a new Mentos product on the store shelve this week called Mentos Power Kiss. I think it's been available in other parts of the world for a while but just now made its way to Israel. Still I could not find any online English reviews for this product I decided to give it a try and write a review of my own.

There were three flavors to choose from Peppermint,Spearmint and Orange-Mint. Lately I've been on a real "citrus flavors" kick so I decided to try the orange-mint one.

They are basically a small, flat, round, white "breath-freshener". Kind of a competitor to the popular tic-tac. They look like little pills and seem to be made of a "powder". The Mentos Power Kiss doesn't have that candy like coating a tic-tac has.
Because of the photo on the packaging I was expecting it to be orange in color but it was white and not orange.

As soon as I put it in my mouth I tasted a strong but pleasant orange flavor. The mint was not the leading flavor but came in as the secondary taste.

The Mentos Power Kiss dissolved quickly and easily the way a dissolvable medicinal tablet would dissolve easily under your tongue.

I don’t think it lasted more than a minute and a half. Way shorter than a tic-tac normally lasts me.

I enjoyed the "candy" but I can't say that my mouth felt refreshed after it was gone. I would need quite a few of them to get that clean fresh feeling I was looking for. Maybe the Peppermint and Spearmint ones "work better" as breath-fresheners but this orange one did not live up to my expectations on that front.         
I though the packaging was cool and convenient. The breath mints come in a small, sleek, black, hard plastic package that has a fun little dispenser type mechanism to it. First give it a little shake then push the colored (in this case orange) "button" on one end of the container and out comes your individual candy on a little "tongue dispenser" on the other end of the package.

I think it's fun and convenient to keep in your pocket or handbag, this way no mints will fall out and end up in the bottom of your purse. The one issue I had with it is that it's black and not see-through so you have no idea how many mints you have left in the package.  

Bottom Line: Mentos Power Kiss Sugar-Free Orange-Mints were enjoyable enough but I do not think it’s a good breath freshener. Still it was a perfectly fine orange flavored sugar free "dissolvable" candy to pop in my mouth for the minute or so that it lasted.  

5.7 grams – 40 breath-mints - 4.79 NIS

Kosher Badatz Chatam Sofer

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I really like your reviews (including this one). But just as a little note (no offense), you use quotations for almost every other's really not necessary.

    Oh, and I tried the other Mentos gum on the market, it's too artificial-tasting. They should probably stick to making candy

  2. Thank you for your kind words I'm glad you enjoy reading my reviews.

    I too think Mentos should probably stick to making their candies. Of all their products that I've tasted they seem to be best at making their candies.