Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Osem "End the Snacking" Cup 'a Soup

אסם מרק נמס - סוף לנשנושים
Osem's new line of "cup 'a soups" were given the name "Sof L'neshnushim" which can sort of be translated to something like "Put an end to snacking" I kind of like this name and think it's a good name for a line of instant soups.

I saw five soup flavors on the store display; Mushroom Soup, Tomato Soup with Noodles, Corn Soup with Noodles, Pea Soup and Vegetable Soup with Croutons. They come as a double pack meaning two portions individually wrapped yet connected together. Mega Bool had them on sale; two packs for 10.00 NIS. I decided to get the Pea Soup and the Vegetable Soup with Croutons. Had I seen a "chicken soup" option I would have chosen that, I think they do have one in this line of soups but I didn’t see it in the store I was in.

I wasn’t really hungry at dinner time the other night instead I just wanted a light snack so I thought a cup of the soup would be the perfect solution and it would give me the opportunity to see if this soup really lives up to its "end the snacking" name :)

I followed the simple 1, 2, 3 directions on the wrapper; 1) pour the powder into a cup 2) add 180 ml boiling water 3) mix well and hardy appetite!

I actually let it rest for a few moments after that but that wasn’t part of the "official" directions.

For an instant soup I really enjoyed this pea soup. It actually was the perfect snack and just what I needed at that moment.

I liked that it had some peas and a few cubed carrots floating around. It gave the soup a little texture without having to add any croutons or pasta. The thickness of the soup itself was somewhere between a broth and a thicker pea soup but that's kind of what I was expecting it to be.

When I had first opened to package a strong garlic aroma hit me and I was worried the soup would be more "spicy" than I wanted it to be but in fact this cup 'a soup was not too garlicky or spicy and yet it wasn't too bland. I'd say it was nicely seasoned for my taste.

Osem's "End the Snacking" Pea Soup has no MSG, no artificial food coloring and no preservatives. It does have added fiber.

This pea soup is 89 calories per serving. 

Bottom Line: I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this Osem "End the Snacking" Pea Soup. I don’t usually like instant cup 'a soups all that much so I was really not expecting to like this one either :) Not that there's anything amazing or unique about this instant pea soup, I'm just glad to know that there's a somewhat decent and convenient cup 'a soup out there for those days when I'm looking for a hot "drink' that’s a little more satisfying than a cup of tea.

Kosher Parve Mehadrin

6.79 NIS or two for 10.00 NIS at Mega Bool
5.99 NIS or two for 8.90 NIS at Rami Levi

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions
are my own.


  1. Wow only 89 calories and not loaded with pasta! Sounds like a great option to keep in my desk at work! (cool mug btw ;)

  2. Good point I had not thought of the idea of bringing them to work:)but yeah they could make a good mid work day "snack"

    "(cool mug btw ;)"
    thanks I found them last year on sale - 2 for 1 at Golf & Co.- and loved how they looked "hand made" they are a great size mug I really enjoy them:)