Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wissotzky's Masala Chai Green Tea

ויסוצקי תה ירוק צ'אי מסאלה 
For this winter Wissotzky has completely revamped the packaging on its full line of green teas. With the new green packaging and the name GREEN you really can't miss what this line is all about. While they were at it they added three new flavors to this line; Strawberry Green Tea, Litchi Green Tea and Masala Chai Green Tea.

I am not a huge fan of strawberry tea so I skipped that. Given how much I did not enjoy their Litchi Celebration Summer Tea I had no interest in trying this litchi green tea. That just left the Masala Chai green tea which has cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves in it.

I have always been hesitant to taste Chai teas somehow all the different spices like cardamom and cloves didn’t really sound like something I would want in my tea but being the green tea "fanatic" that I am when I saw Wissotzky's new green tea version of Masala Chai Tea I decided it was time to give it a try and see what I think.

I was pleasantly surprised how tasty it was and I kind of understood all the hype and why so many of my friends actually love chai teas.

The most prominent flavor I tasted was cinnamon. I like cinnamon tea from time to time and have yet to find a cinnamon green tea that I liked so this may be the answer. Had I not known there was cardamom and cloves in the tea I would not have noticed them right away, in my case that’s a good thing. If you like the taste of cloves and cardamom in your chai tea you might not want to pick this Wissotzky version.

Aside from all the wonderful benefits you get from drinking green tea and the EGCG it has in it I thought this Masala Chia green tea was a nice change of pace for me. Yes it’s spicier than the softer and lighter Lipton Jasmine Green Tea I recently reviewed, but there are days that I want a stronger cinnamon flavored tea, in such cases I will grab for this Masala Chai Green Tea and be happy to have a different tea option. 

Bottom Line: I'm glad I finally tasted masala chai tea and understand what my friends like about it. I'm also happy to have a cinnamon flavored green tea for the days I want something a little more spicy than a jasmine green tea that I normally go for. For what it is, a Masala Chai Green Tea, I thought this Wissotzky version was an enjoyable cup 'a tea.

Box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags – 19.90 NIS

Wissotzky has what I think is a clever ad running on TV for this line of green teas.
A few days ago I saw a short ad where you see a guy taking off his bike helmet and asks the public to send an SMS to a local cellphone number saying how old you think he looks. I was sure it was for some new reality TV show and I didn't pay much attention. (There was another ad with a female in a "sport" outfit asking the same thing but I saw the bike one first.) 

Today I saw the follow up ad. After riding a bit, he gets off his bike and reminds us his name and that he asked us to SMS how old we thought he is.He then reads one of the texts as he walks into a resturant/coffee shop. It says they thought he was 29 he "thanks" the person but says he's really 38. He then explains that the way he takes care of himself is he "rides his bike when he can and drinks green tea after his meals". Later the announcer explains that these green teas are full of EGCG that helps the the body from with in.

Click here to get to the Wissotzky's green tea web-page. Then click where it says (on the top menu bar) צפו בפרסומת to see all the ads I was talking about . After that if you would like you can click on the top menu bar, all the way to right, to get to a page that will help you find out how young you look. That part requires a facebook account or giving your email address.

If you are willing give them even more details like your address and phone number they will send you a free sample of any three green tea flavors you want to try. For that you need to click the second to last part of the top menu bar, on the left side, near the place you clicked to see the commercial.

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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