Monday, November 7, 2011

Lipton's Pyramid Jasmine Green Tea

Now that autumn has officially begun and winter is just around the corner I started noticing a few more "wintery" products in the stores like a new Osem "cup 'a soup" (that I plan on reviewing soon) and some new teas. Today I'll review one of the teas, it's from a line of flavored Lipton Pyramid Teas.

I think I saw white teas and black teas in this Lipton Pyramid line but what actually caught my eye was the green tea. I may have mentioned in a past review that I'm not a coffee drinker but green tea is my hot drink of choice.

The store I was in had three new Lipton Pyramid Green Teas; Intense Mint, Mandarin Orange and Jasmine Petals. * The green tea I usually get is a jasmine green tea so I was interested to taste Lipton's version.

As I think I mentioned in my review of Wissotzky's "Exotic Love Leaves" Tea I like the "pyramid" shaped tea bags. According to the Lipton's website the benefit of the unique Pyramid bags is "to give all the ingredients the space to release their full deliciousness". I have no idea if that actually happens or not but I think the shape is pretty and pyramid tea bag seem to work just fine.

I also thought I liked the "mesh material" the bags are made of but a few Google searches later I learned that they seem to be made of something called PET; PET is "the same food grade material clear water/juice bottles are made of. As with any plastic, it would not be considered biodegradable. PET is completely safe and is 100% recyclable within the plastics waste stream." (source)

תה ירוק יסמין ליפטון פירמידה
I was disappointed to learn that Lipton "took a perfectly good biodegradable product and made it out of plastic!" That's a real shame in my opinion because I can't imagine that people will empty the tea from the used bags and 
put the mesh into the recycle bins. Therefore I take away major points from Lipton for that.

This Lipton Jasmine Petals Green Tea is being advertised as a light tea. Lipton says "We pick only the youngest tea leaves and buds, carefully dried for a light and non bitter taste, and combine them with gorgeous fruits and delicate flowers

As a regular jasmine green tea drinker I did think this Lipton tea was a lighter tea. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, I did, very much actually. I'm just not sure if people who don’t really like green tea and normally find green tea too bitter will think this one is less bitter. I don’t necessarily think this green tea will be the answer for them. But for those of us who do enjoy green tea this did seem to be a bit lighter and slightly less bitter green tea.

* update -  According to a press release I just found now (22 Nov 2011) there seems to be a 4th flavor called Lemon Melissa.

Bottom Line: If not for the PET mesh bag I would have happily switched to this lighter and somewhat less bitter Lipton Jasmine Petals Green Tea but I can't say I liked it that much more than other jasmine green teas so I don't intend on switching to buy this Lipton Jasmine Petals Green Tea.

Box of 20 tea bags 1.7 grams each 16.99 NIS

 For the month of November Mega Bool has a deal going on - for any Lipton Pyramid tea you buy you get a free pack of Mega brand cookies.

Kosher Parve

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I think it's pretty gross that the Pyramid tea bag is made of PET plastic, and is not biodegradable.

    You take a perfectly good biodegradable product and MAKE IT OUT OF PLASTIC!! I wouldn't be buying these again.

    1. I agree it's ridiculous! I too have not purchased these tea bags since then and do not plan on buying them again in the future.