Friday, April 20, 2012

Nestlé Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bars Coupon

Just wanted to let you all know about a

coupon I came across online for the

 Nestlé Skinny Cow Vanilla & Sorbet Ice Cream Bars

 I told you about them last year.

קופון 5 ₪ הנחה גלידות "סקיני קאו" נסטלה

No, I didn’t review this exact product

 instead I tasted and enjoyed Skinny Cow's

but these bars came on the local market at the

same time as the sandwiches did.

If you haven’t tasted these

 Skinny Cow Vanilla & Sorbet 

 Ice Cream Bars yet or

if you did try them and liked them you can now get

5NIS off a box of 6 bars

at any of the major supermarkets

 excluding Mega Bool.

The coupon expires 30-4-12

Disclaimer:  No one is paying me for this post. I have no affiliation with any companies mentioned. 
All opinions are my own.


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    1. Glad to have passed it along to you:) Enjoy, thanks for the comment.