Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oznei Haman Roladin 2013

אוזני המן רולדין

Roladin kind of surprised me this Purim in that they didn’t “go crazy”, as they normally do, in coming up with a bunch of ultra new and creative Oznei Haman.

Last year they did repeat some of the flavors they had come up with the year before, but together with a few new ones they became creative with the cookie dough and added things like coconut, coco bits, poppy seeds and cranberries to the cookie itself. 

This year all the cookies are the same butter cookie and have no added touches. I wonder if the Oznei Haman didn’t/don’t sell that well and therefore it’s not worth it to them to be as innovative as they are with their Chanukah Doughnuts or if they just could not be bothered this year, I don’t know.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Elite’s Kif-Kef Bar with Popping Candies

כיף כף סוכריות קופצות
Elite has 2 new products in their Kif-Kef line of products*. 

Kif-Kef wafer fingers are Elite’s takeoff on Nestlé’s popular Kit-Kat chocolate covered wafer bar. The new product from the Kif-Kef line that I will be writing about today is the Popping Candies Bar.

I’ve said many times in my blog posts that I really enjoy a good chocolate covered wafer. I recently wrote about the new Milka's Choco Wafers that were a real win for me. In my opinion Kif-Kef bars are not what I consider a good quality wafer or chocolate bar but I was curious to see if/how the addition of popping candies would affect the wafer finger bar.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roladin Cupcakes

קולקציית קאפקייקס אישיות ברולדין
The other day I was walking by a Roladin and noticed cupcakes in the display window. I don’t go to Roladin that often so I was not sure if it was a new line for them or something that I just had not noticed before. I asked the sales person and he said they are new, so I thought I would treat myself and report back to you guys.

There were a few options to choose from but surprisingly the guy serving me had no idea what flavors each one was. I was even more surprised they did not have a “flyer” detailing each option; as Roladin normally has when they come out with a new or seasonal line. Since the server was of no help I chose the one that looked the most interesting and elaborate to me at that moment. It was a chocolate cupcake topped with a mountain of white cream covered in chocolate sauce/syrup then sprinkled with mini marshmallows.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Milka Choco Wafer

You may know from reading past blog posts of mine that  a) I really enjoy a good wafer and b)for the most part, I am a fan of Milka product (including their cookies and popcorn chocolate), so when I saw these Milka Choco Wafers in the local store I could not help but try them.

I was really happy to see that each of the 6 round milk-chocolate covered wafer where individually wrapped in foil to help prevent them from going stale once you opened the package. That is always a plus in my book. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tivall Pizza Flavored Potato “Snack” + Coupon

חטיפי תפוחי אדמה ברוטב פיצה של טבעול
Well for starters I'd say these triangle shaped potato bites are more like a side dish of sorts than a “snack”. They kind of reminded me of something between a larger smoother “Tater Tot” or a smaller Potato Levivah. Tivall is marketing them as a snack of sorts geared toward kids/teens to grab when they get home from school. They are supposedly pizza flavored (no cheese- they are parve) and therefore shaped like a very mini slice of pizza.

I would not suggest heating them in the microwave because then they will not be nice and crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, as they are intended to be.