Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pri Niv Banana Based Drinks

פריניב נקטר עם בננה ועוד פרי
Until I read a press release about these PriNiv Banana Based Drinks I had never noticed anything from PriNiv in any of the stores I frequent. 

Turns out they are a smaller company that have not really made it into the main supermarkets just yet.

Until now Priniv drinks were mainly sold at gas stations/highway rest shops and the like, which must be why I had yet to see them, but now the company is working hard to get their products into more major supermarkets .

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skinny Cow Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich + Coupon

גלידת קפוצ'ינו "סקיני קאו" נסטלה
Last July I told you about the Skinny Cow Ice Creams and how much I enjoyed their Cookies & Cream Sandwich. Since then I have bought those ice cream sandwiches quite a few times and still really like them. I wasn’t as crazy about the other Skinny Cow ice creams available here in Israel, not because they aren’t good, but they are less the flavors I naturally go for, so I just stick with the one I like best. Recently they added two sandwiches to the line that’s available here in Israel; Vanilla Cappuccino Swirl and Vanilla Blackberry Swirl. Although I am not a coffee drinker I do enjoy a slight coffee flavor in ice cream whereas I don’t really care for fruit flavored ice creams so I chose to try the Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tnuva 0% Fat Chocolate & Coconut Pudding

מעדן תנובה שוקולד קוקוס 0%
Tnuva added a Chocolate & Coconut flavored pudding to their line of fat free puddings.

They had a little "samples booth" at the Megabul supermarket, I was in the other day, so I got to taste this new pudding.

Since I did not buy the pudding I couldn't take a photo of it for this post. The only online photo I found was blocked from being used (you can see it here), so I scanned the coupon that they were handing out at the booth just to show you what this product looks like, sorry it is not a printable coupon. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Chag Shavuot Sameach חג שבועות שמח

I would like to thank my talented friend for putting this graphic together for me so I can wish you all a wonderful Shavuot :)

Osem Vinaigrette Dressings

אסם סדרת רטבי ויניגרט לסלטים
Osem has come out with three new Vinaigrette Dressings. They even put them in festive flower designed bottles for Shavuot. The three dressings in this line are; Citrus Vinaigrette, Silan (date honey) & Coarse Ground Black Pepper Vinaigrette plus a Vinaigrette for Lettuce Salad.

According to the press release Osem did their “homework” and tried to find out what salads and salad dressings Israelis were searching for the most online. They then tried to create dressings that would suit the salads the public seemed to be searching for the most. They even went so far as to add, on the back of each bottle, the salad “recipe” that each dressing was intended for. So the Citrus Vinaigrette has a Chinese Carrot & Pecan salad recipe, the Silan & Coarse Ground Black Pepper Vinaigrette has a Dill Cabbage & Cranberry salad recipe on it and finally the Vinaigrette for Lettuce has a recipe for a Lettuce & Goats Cheese salad.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tzuriel Farm’s Goats-Milk Cheese Cake Flavored Yogurt

משק צוריאל יוגורט עיזים עוגת גבינה
The other day when I was at the supermarket picking up Tzuriel Farm’s 9% Goats-Milk Cheese Roll that won a Product Of The Year Award, I notices that Tzuriel Farm’s had a special Goats-Milk Cheese Cake Flavored Yogurt for Shavuot. Last June I told you about Tnuva’s Yoplait Cheesecake Flavored Yogurt so I was curious to try Tzuriel Farm’s Goats-Milk version this year.

I was a little disappointed when I opened it up and realized that the photo on the container, which made it looked like it had crumbs on top and bottom of the yogurt, was misleading. In fact there were no cake or cookie crumbs in this yogurt at all. It was a smooth yogurt with no “add-ins”. I wish they would have used a different photo as to not mislead me. But I was still interested in tasting the yogurt. I could always add something like crumbs or granola on my own, if I really want to.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Achla Greek Yogurt & Roasted Pepper Spread + Coupon

סלט פלפלים קלויים על האש עם יוגורט יווני בשתי שכבות
Just in time for Shavuot I tried a new yogurt based spread from Achla’s “Tastes of the Shuk/Market” line. 

Last month I told you about the Zucchini Squash & Techina Salad from this line. Since the Greek yogurt spreads is something new for Achla it really intrigued me to try them. 

There are three Greek Yogurt based spreads to choose from. Like the Zucchini Squash & Techina Salad two of the spreads are layered, they are; Roasted Eggplant & Greek Yogurt, Roasted Peppers & Greek Yogurt and the third is the more well known Greek Tzatziki salad. Of the three, the one that seemed the most interesting to me was the Roasted Peppers & Greek Yogurt spread so that’s the one I chose to try.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yotvata Cold Latte Zero Coffee + Coupon

יטבתה לאטה זירו
Last August I told you about Yotvata's Cold Coffees now they have added a Sugar Free Latte to this line of coffee. They are calling it Latte Zero. My friend who enjoys coffee very much and actually helped me review Illy's Cans of Cold Cappuccino& Latte Macchiato coffees last June was coming over for a visit, I know that she much prefers her coffee, hot or cold, without sweetener of any kind so I thought she would be the perfect person to try this new Yotvata Cold Latte Zero and give me her review for this post.

The bottle says “Coffee beverage made with no added sugar or sweeteners, with milk, ultra-pasteurized, high caffeine content, low lactose.” It also has an “added vitamin D” symbol on the bottle. I found it interesting that they make this coffee with low lactose milk even though all the low lactose milks sold here are way more expensive than the regular bottles of milk on our store shelves. I think it’s nice that this is also suitable for people who need low lactose options.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Must's Ice Pop Flavored Sugar Free Gum

סדרת מסטיקים בטעמי קרטיבים
In my post about Menots’s 3D Gum the other day I mentioned that I also have a line of Must Gum to tell you about, this post was meant to go up last week but for one reason or another it had to get pushed off until today, sorry about that but here it is now so let's go... 

Just in time for summer Must released a line of sugar free gums based on popular ice pop flavors; Lemon, Pineapple and “Traffic Light”; the red, yellow and green ice pop that many kids enjoy on a hot summers day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Product Of the Year Community Event 2012 אירוע קהילת מוצר השנה

I had the privilege of being invited to an Israeli Product of the Year Community event which took place last week. As a blogger who has written about the winners of the local Products Of the Year items, I was thrilled to be invited. Everything about the event was so well organized and ran so smoothly, it was such a pleasure and extremely enjoyable. I thought today I would share with you some of the details of the event.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elite's Shushim Vanilla + Coupon

עלית שושים וניל
In September of 2011 I told you about Elite's Shushim Chocolate filled snack, well now they have added a new flavor to this line of “filled” Shushim. This time its vanilla flavored.

Shush is Elite's version of Osem's Bamba snack. In case you don’t know what Bamba is, it's a peanut butter flavored puffed corn snack. I think it's the most popular kids snack here in Israel. So it’s not surprising that both Osem and Elite (as well as other smaller companies) are always trying to come up with another item to add to this category of snacks. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Telma’s Mocha flavored Cariot Cereal

תלמה כריות מוקה
I’m not sure how new Telma’s Mocha flavored Cariot Cereal is because I have not read any press release about it. I know Telma doesn’t always put out press releases about their products but from time to time they do. In any event, I saw this Mocha flavored Cariot Cereal on sale at Rami Levi last week. Since I had never tasted it and it says “Limited Edition” on it I thought I would give it a try and write a review about it. If it’s not really all that new and you’ve seen it on the shelf for a long time I guess this will just have to fall into the “new to me category”.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mentos 3D Gum

I find it odd how in such a small market, like the local Israeli market, in the span of one week three companies have come out with new gums. Last week I told you about Orbit's White line of gums, today I’ll write about Mentos’s 3D Gums and I also have a new Must line of gum to review later in the week. I would think that each brand would want to try and spread it out so they don’t have such a strong competition with the initial launch but maybe they don’t know when the other companies are introducing their new product so they can’t really control when things like this happen. I don’t know but it just struck me as interesting how all three of them hit the shelves at the same time, now onto Mentos’s 3D gum.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Elite "Chocolate Para" Kids Cake ~ Coupon

I found a coupon online
for Elite cakes 
One of the cakes included in this
 25% off coupon 
is the 
"Chocolate Para" Kids Cake 
 I told you about here


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Osem’s Perfecto Sweet Potato Sauce “Freezer to Pot”

אסם רוטב בטטה לפסטה מהמקפיא לסיר
When I tasted the Osem “Freezer to Pot” Kid’s Tomato Sauce for Pasta, a few months ago, I was planning on writing a review about it then but for one reason or another that didn’t happen. After a few weeks, when I noticed that I had never blogged about it, I decided that the Kid’s Pasta Tomato Sauce wasn’t all that amazingly different than warming up the ready-made pasta sauces you can buy in say glass jars at the supermarket. Those don’t require the extra time and effort that the “freezer to pot” ones do. So in retrospect I thought it wasn’t worth posting the review a few weeks late. I came to the conclusion that if I ever try one of the other flavors, that aren’t as readily available in the supermarkets, then I may write a review at that point about the product as a whole. Well, that day has come :) Osem added a Sweet Potato Pasta Sauce to this line of “freezer to pot” pasta sauces. I thought it sounded interesting and unique so I wanted to try it and this time I will blog about it, here goes.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Muller’s 99 Yogurt Whipped Wild-Berry Topping + Coupon

 Müller 99 יוגורט קרמי עם קציפה
I tried Muller’s 99 calorie, 1.5% fat, Bio yogurt with whipped wild-berries on top. It comes with a passion fruit & peach whipped topping as well but of the two I decided to try the wild-berry one.

I thought the generous layer of whipped wild-berries on top of the yogurt was a flavorful, tart and sweet addition to the creamy 1.5% fat yogurt in the container. It was an interesting consistency, light and fluffy, but somehow it worked for me and I enjoyed it very much.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wrigley’s Orbit Sugar Free White Micro Crystals Gum

   מסטיק אורביט  White עם מיקרו קריסטלים   

Orbit’s latest sugar free chewing gums to hit the local market are a line they are calling White with Micro Crystals. Somehow I don’t think this is all that new and I kind of think Wrigley’s have had a “White” line like this for a while. Maybe these micro crystals are new or maybe it’s an “improved line”? I’m not 100% sure. I tried to find out via Google but the more I searched the more confused I got about what was new and what just improved or renamed. In any event the three flavors of this “new” White with Micro Crystals gum are Fruit, Mint and Spearmint.