Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pesek Zman's 2Good White Wafer Rolls

Pesek Zman, who won a Product of The Year Award last year for their original 2Good wafer roll, has now added a new flavor. This time it’s a white-chocolate coated 2Good wafer roll that has a nut cream filling.

2GOOD עלית פסקזמן לבן

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Osem's Tortilla Chips

אסם חטיפי טורטיה תירס או שום בצל
Osem has a new product on the market that they're calling "Tortillas". It comes in two flavors one is Corn and the second is Rice Garlic 'n Onion. Not being the biggest fan of onion flavored anything I decided to try the Corn Tortillas.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Watermelon

אבטיח חורפי
Yes, you read the title correctly! Winter Watermelon :)
Ein Yahav's farmer Itay Gal & Chishtil (a global nursery corporation based in Moshav Nechalim whose mission it is to provide horticultural solutions, utilizing innovative and economic technologies based on cutting edge knowledge) "came up" with this new fruit. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free's Kids HopLe Cereal Bars

הופלי! חטיף דגנים וניל מרשמלו
Free is a brand that specializes in "healthier" snacks. They have a full line of sugar free snacks that are marketed toward adults but now they teamed up with HOP! (an Israeli cable TV channel for young kids) to sell healthier cereal bar snack for children. This new Free HopLe cereal bar is available in two flavors; Vanilla Marshmallow and Chocolate Nougat.

Most of Free's products come in a fairly plain and boring green packaging but these HopLe cereal bars have a colorful and exciting box that is meant to get the kids attention. On that note I think they succeeded, but since we "don’t judge a book by its cover" let's see how they taste :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yotvata's Shokolata Cold or Hot

יטבתה שוקולטה
In the summer I told you about Yotvata's Ice Shoko (Cocoa); a thicker chocolate milk in a small bag that can also be frozen and enjoyed as ices. Now that winter is in full swing Yotvata has come out with a limited edition thick chocolate milk that can be drunk cold or warmed up in the microwave to give you a nice thick hot chocolate drink.

This weekend was rainy and cold; the perfect weather for a hot drink. Not being a fan of coffee I was excited to try this Yotvata Shokolata nice and hot.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Elite Parah 65 Calorie Chocolate Fingers

שוקולד באצבעות למבוגרים
Elite Parah has a full line of chocolate fingers that are marketed toward children and now they have come out with three chocolate fingers for adults. The three options are; Bittersweet-Chocolate filled with Hazelnut Cream, Milk Chocolate filled with Chocolate Truffles Cream and Bittersweet-Chocolate with Almond Bits.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yad Mordechai's Flavored Honey for Kids

יד מרדכי דבש לילדים
Yad Mordechai has a new line of honey being marketed as a "children's honey". There are 3 flavored honeys in this new line; strawberry, vanilla and wild flowers. Of the three flavors the vanilla one seemed the most interesting to me, so that’s the one I tried.

This new line of Yad Mordechai honey comes in small squeeze bottles. I know this sort of bottle is not new to the honey industry but I thought this one worked very well and didn't make a mess at all. That’s a plus in my book.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Paramount Farm's Wonderful Flavored Pistachio Nuts

פאראמאונט פארמס פיסטוקים בטעמים
Update: These Paramount Farm's Wonderful Flavored Pistachio Nuts won a Product of the Year award 2013.

Paramount Farm's Wonderful Flavored Pistachio Nuts are now available here in Israel in 4 different variations. Two of which are not really new, anyone who enjoys pistachio nuts would have tried them roasted with salt and non-salted. What's really interesting and new to me are the two flavored pistachios that Wonderful have come up with; Sweet Chili and Pepper 'n Salt.

When I read about these Paramount Farm's Wonderful Flavored Pistachio nuts the flavor that caught my attention was the sweet chili one. I heard about them a few days after I tasted Tapuchips & Chef Eyal Shani's Sweet Chili Flavor Potato Chips so I was curious if/how they compared one to the other.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Griesson Chocolate Mountain Classic & Big Nut Cookies

GRIESSON עוגיות שוקוצ'יפס ועוגיות שוקוצ'יפס עם שברי אגוזים  
Griesson Chocolate Chip Cookies are now available here in Israel. Griesson is a German company and their Chocolate Mountain cookies seem to be one of their trademark products.

I found both the Classic and Big Nut cookies on the shelf at Rami Levi. Since I had to bring cookies, that could be used to make ice cream sandwiches, to a friend's party I got one of each. It ended up worked out a bit cheaper too because they were one for 10 but two for 18.00 NIS so this way I saved a couple of shekels and I can give you a review of both flavors "win win":)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tapuchips & Chef Eyal Shani's Sweet Chili Flavor Potato Chips

תפוצ'יפס סדרת השף אייל שני צ'ילי מתוק
Back in July I told you about Chef Eyal Shani teaming up with Elite's Tapuchips to create a "chef series" line of potato chips. Their first two flavors were Sour-Cream & Wild Mushrooms and Balsamic Vinegar & Onion Jam. I wasn’t ultra impressed with either of those flavors but when I saw the new flavor; Sweet Chili, it seemed more like a potato chip flavor I would enjoy. I like sweet chili sauce on roasted and fried potatoes. I even read on Cook Kosher.com that her favorite dip for potato levivot  is Thai Sweet Chili sauce. In my mind potatoes and sweet chili sauce are "old friends" so I was willing to give Chef Eyal Shani and Tapuchips another chance to win me over with this new potato chip.