Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yotvata's Shokolata Cold or Hot

יטבתה שוקולטה
In the summer I told you about Yotvata's Ice Shoko (Cocoa); a thicker chocolate milk in a small bag that can also be frozen and enjoyed as ices. Now that winter is in full swing Yotvata has come out with a limited edition thick chocolate milk that can be drunk cold or warmed up in the microwave to give you a nice thick hot chocolate drink.

This weekend was rainy and cold; the perfect weather for a hot drink. Not being a fan of coffee I was excited to try this Yotvata Shokolata nice and hot.

The bottle clearly states TO POUR THE DRINK INTO A MICROWAVABLE CUP AND NOT TO PLACE THE BOTTLE IN THE MICROWAVE. So that’s exactly what I did. I was surprised that Yotvata did not write how long it needs in the microwave so I started with the "hot beverage" button on my oven; which I think is 35 seconds, that was not enough for me. I think I ended up pressing that button like four times, so that would make it about a minute and forty seconds until I thought the drink was as hot as I wanted it.

I agreed that this Yotvata Shokolata was thicker than the average hot chocolate you might find at a coffee shop and I liked that but I wouldn't have minded if it was even denser with an even richer chocolaty taste than it was, still it was enjoyable as is.

I should add that when I drank one of these Yotvata Shokolatas cold I did think it was even thicker and richer than it tasted after being warmed in the microwave. It was definitely heavier and more chocolaty than regular store bought cold chocolate milk, again that’s a plus in my book.

Bottom Line: Yotvata's Shokolata warmed up in the microwave was a nice hot treat on a cold wintery morning. It was thicker, richer and sweeter than most hot chocolates I've tasted, I liked that. I was somewhat disappointed that heating it up seemed to dilute it ever so slightly compared to drinking it cold.

I'm not sure why but the high price of 5.80 NIS for 250 ml surprised me; I should be used to things being overpriced by now, no? If it was at least half that price I would consider buying it as a treat from time to time but I don’t think 5.90 NIS is a fair price for one cups worth of hot chocolate, even if it's somewhat thicker or richer than most.    

250 ml bottle – 5.80 NIS

Kosher Dairy חלב ישראל

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I haven't tried that brand before. Although it looks like it's a really good drink.