Saturday, March 23, 2013

Osem's Flat Pretzel Kosher for Pesach

אסם בייגלה שטוחים כשר לפסח
A few weeks ago, when I saw the press release for Osem’s Kosher For Pesach Flat Pretzels I was skeptical about them but I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I wanted to try them. I also wanted to send a bag to my friend in the USA. Although she does not eat Kitniyot on Pesach I was sure she would enjoy trying them. Plus I always appreciate her take on new products and I like to have more than one opinion if I write a review. 

There are other snacks like Bissli, Apropo, potato chips, popcorn etc that have a Kosher for Pesach option and have been available here in past years as well as this year. But as I’ve mentioned many times, in past blog posts, pretzels are my “go-to” favorite salty snacks. I don’t love the fried/oily snacks as much as the baked pretzel-style snacks. Having a good pretzel option for Pesach would be wonderful for me. That’s if it tasted decent in my opinion, i.e. not like Matzo or potato starch. I’ve also mentioned in the past that I dislike the taste and texture of potato starch. As far as Matzo, if it tastes like Matzo I may as well just eat Matzo. When I saw that it was made mainly of corn flour, rice flour and soy flour I was optimistic and thought it may have potential.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Telma’s Kosher for Pesach Cornflakes

תלמה קורנפלקס כשר לפסח

Since I've reviewed many Kosher for Pesach products in past years (link to last years roundup here) I thought I had already written about Telma’s Kosher for Pesach Cornflakes, but when I looked back I realized I never did review this cereal. I only blogged about Nougat Filled Cereals for Pesach. I did mention the Telma Cornflakes when I reviewed Klik’s Chocolate Covered Cereal -Kosher For Pesach . Maybe that’s what I was remembering. I’m guessing that since I found those chocolate covered cornflakes to be kind of “stale” I didn’t think I would enjoy the Telma Kosher for Pesach Cornflakes to start with, so I must have skipped them in past years.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Strauss Milky White-Chocolate Pudding

Strauss added a new flavor to their ever-so-popular Milky pudding line. This time they went for a white-chocolate flavor.

מילקי שוקולד לבן
As with other Milky products this white-chocolate pudding also comes topped with their signature whipped-cream (which by the way, I don't love because I find it leaves an unpleasant shortening-like film in my mouth, but that’s nothing new.) If you like their whip-cream in any of their other 10 Milky puddings you will like it this time as well.