Saturday, June 14, 2014

Strauss Energy Morning Cookies Line

Strauss Energy has a new line of cookies they are calling עוגיות דגנים לבוקר which can either be translated as Morning Cereal Cookies or Morning Grain Cookies. The cookies are made partly with whole flours so maybe that was part of the reason they used the word דגנים . I think the name is most likely because breakfast cereals are called דגני בוקר  and Strauss is trying to pull these off as a substitute breakfast, like all of their granola-type bars on their “Energy” label.

שטראוס ENERGY סדרת עוגיות הדגנים לבוקר...טוב

I saw 3 items in this new Morning Cereal Cookies line; A Chocolate Cream filled Cookie Bar, A Whole Flour Mixed Nut Cookie & A Whole Flour Blueberry Cookie. I don’t tend to care for cooked/baked fruit so I got the first two options to try.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meir Beigel’s “PetieBagel”

מאיר בייגל פתיבייגל
When I first read about this new product from Meir Beigel I could not imagine what it would actually taste like. The thought of combining pretzels and Petit Beurre tea biscuits into one item seemed odd and farfetched to me. I do enjoy mixing salt and sweet snacks but I couldn’t work out how a tea biscuit pretzel would taste.

Monday, June 9, 2014

זוכי מוצר השנה ישראל Product Of the Year 2014

מוצר השנה ישראל 2014
I was unable to attend the 2014 Product Of The Year bloggers event that took place recently, yet Amit, Product of the Year Community Manager, was kind enough to send my way the signature red bag full of winning items for me to tryout.  
To read about previous Product of the Year winners and how they go about picking the winning products you can click on my past blog posts Here , Here, Here and Here

Since I mainly review food products, on this blog, I will focus most of my attention on the winning food and drinks.

To see all the winning products for 2014 you can checkout the Product of the Year website Here.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tivall Broccoli Muffins

מאפינס טבעול
Tivall; known for ready-made food items like Schnitzel and vegetable patties among other; foods you can just pull out of the freezer and reheat, to have a fairly healthy meal in a matter of minutes, have added vegetable “muffins” to their ever growing lines of products.

These savory muffins are available in four flavors; Corn, Tomato ‘n Olive, Onion ‘n Leek and Broccoli. I chose to try the Broccoli one.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Strauss Magnum Black Ice Cream Bar

מגנום גלידה טריפל, בלאק ופינק
If I understood the press release correctly, a few months ago Magnum Strauss released an ice cream bar they called Triple. Then not too long ago, they added two more Magnum bars to the Summer 2013 line; one is called Black and the second Pink.

The Magnum Triple sounds very elaborate since it has a combination of white, milk and dark chocolate all in one ice cream bar. It’s a chocolate ice cream with a ripple of dark chocolate then covered in both white and milk chocolate.

Magnum Black Espresso is a Vanilla Ice Cream with a coffee swirl coated in dark chocolate. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Strauss Energy Bite-Size "Rice" Cakes

פריכיות ביס של אנרג'י מקבוצת שטראוס
Strauss Energy who I know best for their cereal bars have a new product on the market. They came out with a line of bite size puffed “rice” cakes. I put the word rice in parentheses because they are not made solely of rice, they are technically 5 grain cakes. Along with the rice flour they also have whole corn flour, whole oats flour, wheat and barley. Since I wasn’t sure what the right word to describe these “puffed 5 grain cakes” was; I thought most people call them rice cakes, even if they are not made of only of rice.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yotvata Choco Chocolate Milk and Vanilla Milk Drinks

משקאות קיץ של יטבתה שוקו שוקולדי וונילה
Yotvata Dairy, which is half owned by Strauss Dairy, came out with two new milk drinks for the summer of 2013. One they are calling Choco Chocolate and the second they called Vanilla. I tasted both flavors.
First I drank the Yotvata Choco Chocolate Milk drink which I got in the smaller 250 ml bottle (I did not see that size bottle for the vanilla drink I only found it in the 1 liter bottle). The reason they called it Choco Chocolate milk is because they supposedly added real chocolate to the drink and not just cocoa powder; or whatever they use to normally make chocolate milk.