Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Strauss Energy Bite-Size "Rice" Cakes

פריכיות ביס של אנרג'י מקבוצת שטראוס
Strauss Energy who I know best for their cereal bars have a new product on the market. They came out with a line of bite size puffed “rice” cakes. I put the word rice in parentheses because they are not made solely of rice, they are technically 5 grain cakes. Along with the rice flour they also have whole corn flour, whole oats flour, wheat and barley. Since I wasn’t sure what the right word to describe these “puffed 5 grain cakes” was; I thought most people call them rice cakes, even if they are not made of only of rice.
This new line of Energy Five Grain Cakes is available in three flavors; plain, brown sugar & cinnamon and banana. I bought the plain and brown sugar & cinnamon ones to try. I am not a fan of banana flavor; I only enjoy the taste of banana when I am eating a fresh banana. 
I actually enjoined both of the packs of this Energy snack I got. They were crispy and fresh and I liked the bite-sizes pieces. I’d say each piece was roughly the size of a 10 agorot coin. The plain one was ever so slightly salty but not too salty on the same note the brown sugar & cinnamon one was sweet but not overly sweet. I thought Energy did a good job flavoring the 5 grain cakes.

Both the salty one and the sweet one would make a good, fairly healthy, snack each 25 gram bag is 99 calories. They have no preservatives or food coloring, and since they are made of whole flours they have 1.6 or 1.7 grams of fiber per bag. 

My one big issue with these Energy 5 Grain Bite-Size Cakes is the price. I think 4.85 for a 25 gram bag is very overpriced, given that a 40-60 gram bag of flavored mini rice cakes can be found for 5-6-7 NIS. I think 4.85 NIS for a 25 gram bag is ridiculously overpriced. 

Bottom Line: I liked the taste, flavor and texture of these Energy 5 Grain Bite-Size Cakes. I think they would make a nice snack on the go whether you want something salty or sweet, but in my opinion they are overpriced and I would only buy them again if I found them cheaper. 

According to the press release I read, along with these bite-size cakes they also released an Energy Mini Rice Cake with 60% Dark Chocolate on one side, but I have yet to find that in the supermarket. If I see it I may give it a try and report back.

Kosher Pareve OU and Rabbinate Reshon Le’Tzion  

These Strauss Energy Bite-Size "Rice" Cakes won a 2014 Product Of The Year Award.

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own


  1. I absolutely love this product (great snack to satisfy that salty craving), but you're right, they're completely overpriced.

    1. Did you try the banana one? Did you like that too?

      Glad you liked them, I am guessing/hoping that at some point they will be on sale and then I can stock up a little.

      I saw that Life- Superpharm have a similar product, I saw an onion garlic flavor but have yet to try it and I don't know the price. Have you seen or tried them?

    2. I tried the banana one and didn't like it, but then I didn't expect to like it (I bought it for my nieces who were not too impressed either). I don't love sweet "crackers" in general, for some reason I associate crunchy snacks with salty/savory flavors. I guess if you like the artificial banana flavor, it's not a bad product. I didn't know about the Superpharm ones, I'll keep an eye out for them.

    3. "I tried the banana one and didn't like it, but then I didn't expect to like it (I bought it for my nieces who were not too impressed either)."

      --- Good to know yeah I didn't think I would like that so I didn't bother buying it- bummer your nieces didn't like it either.

      "I guess if you like the artificial banana flavor, it's not a bad product."
      ---gotta say I don't know anyone who likes artificial banana flavor but I am sure there are some people who do.