Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yotvata Choco Chocolate Milk and Vanilla Milk Drinks

משקאות קיץ של יטבתה שוקו שוקולדי וונילה
Yotvata Dairy, which is half owned by Strauss Dairy, came out with two new milk drinks for the summer of 2013. One they are calling Choco Chocolate and the second they called Vanilla. I tasted both flavors.
First I drank the Yotvata Choco Chocolate Milk drink which I got in the smaller 250 ml bottle (I did not see that size bottle for the vanilla drink I only found it in the 1 liter bottle). The reason they called it Choco Chocolate milk is because they supposedly added real chocolate to the drink and not just cocoa powder; or whatever they use to normally make chocolate milk. 

When I read the label it turns out they only added 0.5% chocolate to the drink. I have to say when I drank it I could not tell a difference. I did not pick up on an extra chocolaty flavor at all. I was quite disappointed. I also picked up on some chalkiness which bothered me. Compared to the Tnuva Chocolate Milk, I recently blogged about *here*, I did not really enjoy this Yotvata Choco Chocolate milk.

Bottom Line: I much preferred the taste of the Tnuva one and given that Tnuva’s Chocolate milk is lower in sugar, low lactose, low Sodium, and contains 96% milk, for me, it’s the clear winner compared to this Yotvata Choco Chocolate Milk.  

On the other hand I really enjoyed the Yotvata Vanilla Milk Drink. I should add I had nothing to compare it to but I found it very tasty. The vanilla flavor was present but not at all overpowering. I thought I tasted a hint of white chocolate but I think that was just an association I made because of the color. I liked the thickness of the drink; it was closer to a smooth “lighter” milkshake consistency. I found it refreshing and enjoyable on a hot summer’s day.

Bottom Line: if you are going to try one of these Yotvata Milk drinks I say go for the vanilla one because the Yotvata Choco Chocolate one was a fail in my book.

Price: The 1 litter bottle was 12 NIS and the 250 ml bottle was 6.30 NIS

Kosher בד"ץ מהדרין חלבי

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own

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