Sunday, June 30, 2013

Strauss Magnum Black Ice Cream Bar

מגנום גלידה טריפל, בלאק ופינק
If I understood the press release correctly, a few months ago Magnum Strauss released an ice cream bar they called Triple. Then not too long ago, they added two more Magnum bars to the Summer 2013 line; one is called Black and the second Pink.

The Magnum Triple sounds very elaborate since it has a combination of white, milk and dark chocolate all in one ice cream bar. It’s a chocolate ice cream with a ripple of dark chocolate then covered in both white and milk chocolate.

Magnum Black Espresso is a Vanilla Ice Cream with a coffee swirl coated in dark chocolate. 

Magnum Pink Wild Berry is a wild berry ice cream with a raspberry swirl and 2 coatings; one is white chocolate and the second is a pink colored chocolate.

I have yet to try the Triple but I would like to when I find it at a kiosk. I don’t care for berry ice creams so I will skip the Pink, even though I read quite a few raving reviews about it on line. If you enjoy berry ice creams you may want to try the Magnum Pink. 

The other day I did have the opportunity to try the Black Espresso Magnum and here is what I thought of it.

The Dark Chocolate coating was the perfect thickness and texture; it cracked off easily when I bit into it but they were not stingy with the thickness of the dark chocolate. You may know by now that I love dark chocolate, although this was not the world’s greatest dark chocolate it was rich enough and I enjoyed it as an ice cream coating.

The vanilla ice cream part was just OK. I know many people rave about Magnum’s ice creams but for me I would prefer if it was a drop creamier. I personally like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream texture better. I find it heavier and creamier but this vanilla Magnum ice cream was fine.

I could see the coffee swirl but I didn’t really taste it all that much. I found that the richness of the dark chocolate overpowered the espresso flavor and I might have missed the coffee flavor had I not seen it and known it was there.

Bottom Line: Since I really enjoy dark chocolate I liked the Magnum Black Espresso Ice Cream Bar enough but if you are looking for a coffee flavored ice cream this is not the bar for you. The dark chocolate coating overpowered the coffee flavor of the swirl. I thought the ice cream itself could have been creamier and richer but it wasn’t terrible.

Price: In my opinion it was overpriced; 12 NIS for an 87 gram ice cream bar is too much, but I bought it at a central bus station kiosk where I think highway robbery is "the name of the game" so I wasn’t shocked with the price. The fact is that I think almost all ice creams sold at kiosks are overpriced so this was no exception.

כשרות: הרב לנדא ורבנות עכו.

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own


  1. I'm curious to see what you'll have to say about the "Triple"-in my experience the Magnum series is a bit overrated and all the elaborate looking flavors end up falling flat, but I'd love to be proved wrong!

    1. If/when I try the Triple I will let you know.
      I agree. I find that Magnum Ice creams are overrated and good point re: the elaborate ones falling flat that has been my experience as well.