Saturday, June 14, 2014

Strauss Energy Morning Cookies Line

Strauss Energy has a new line of cookies they are calling עוגיות דגנים לבוקר which can either be translated as Morning Cereal Cookies or Morning Grain Cookies. The cookies are made partly with whole flours so maybe that was part of the reason they used the word דגנים . I think the name is most likely because breakfast cereals are called דגני בוקר  and Strauss is trying to pull these off as a substitute breakfast, like all of their granola-type bars on their “Energy” label.

שטראוס ENERGY סדרת עוגיות הדגנים לבוקר...טוב

I saw 3 items in this new Morning Cereal Cookies line; A Chocolate Cream filled Cookie Bar, A Whole Flour Mixed Nut Cookie & A Whole Flour Blueberry Cookie. I don’t tend to care for cooked/baked fruit so I got the first two options to try.
Don’t be fooled, yes, they do have whole wheat and whole oat flour in them but they also have white flour, so they are far from 100% whole flour cookies.

From the photo on the packaging, The Chocolate Cream filled Cookie Bar, made me think of a Fig Newton cookie so I was expecting it to be a soft cookie. It’s not. The cookie is hard and crunchy but the chocolate flavored filling is smooth and soft. I'd say that's a good thing because I thought the cookie part was too dry on its own. I didn’t love the chocolate filling. I found it to be somewhat gritty and leave a slight artificial aftertaste but my friend, who tried it as well, did not pick up on the artificial aftertaste at all. She liked the cookie. It's not her favorite cookie but she said it was OK/good enough. I don’t think kids of any age would pick up on the fact that its part whole flours.

When it comes to the Mixed Nuts Cookie (hazelnut and cashew) I could definitely tell it was partly made with whole flour and oats. I found the cookie to be crunchy and sweet but way too dry to be eaten alone. Alongside a cup of tea, coffee or milk would be the way to go. To me it seems that this cookie is targeted toward adults and not kids but I may be wrong.

My friend and I liked the cookies enough but we agreed that they are not at all a “breakfast substitute”. We see them strictly as cookies. Maybe the fact that they have whole flour and are enriched with calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin B1, B12 and D3 makes them somewhat better for you than eating say Oreos but in no way are they as good as grabbing a fresh fruit or a 100% whole/real granola bar if you need an “on the go” breakfast to tide you over until you can eat a proper meal. 

Bottom Line: Yes, these cookies are enriched with vitamins/minerals and are made with some good ingredients but that does not make them a good breakfast choice. The Chocolate Cream filled Cookie Bar left a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth and both options where slightly too dry. We thought they would be best served with a drink of some sort. We didn’t love them or hate them, they were just OK.
I don’t see myself repurchasing these Strauss Energy Morning Cookies.

Chocolate Cream filled Cookie Bar- box of six, 25 gram bars=14.90 NIS

Whole Flour Mixed Nut Cookie- box of 6 packs (2 cookies per pack 12.2 grams per cookie)= 14.90 NIS

Kosher Parve Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own

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