Sunday, January 22, 2012

Osem's Tortilla Chips

אסם חטיפי טורטיה תירס או שום בצל
Osem has a new product on the market that they're calling "Tortillas". It comes in two flavors one is Corn and the second is Rice Garlic 'n Onion. Not being the biggest fan of onion flavored anything I decided to try the Corn Tortillas.

When I opened the bag the first thing that hit me about these Osem Corn Tortillas was how unappealing they looked to me. The round chips had white spots on them that I guess are rice-cake bits sprinkled here and there on the mostly yellow/corn chip. Something about it just did not look appetizing to me at all. Since I had just opened the bag and I was craving a crunchy/savory chip-type snack I decide to give them a try anyway and not judge them on looks alone.

Things didn’t get much better for me even after I bit into one. I found the Osem Corn Tortilla chips to be way too hard and overly crunchy, not in a good way. They were nothing like a well-made, crisp, fresh tortilla chip that I enjoy so much. Granted these are toasted/baked and not fried, right there is a huge difference.

In all fairness I think Osem was going for some sort of a "rice cake version of a tortilla chip", after all rice is the second ingredient after 80% corn. I'd say that's sort of what it tasted like to me; an overly dried out and hardened corn/rice-cake. In my opinion that's not a good thing. I'd rather just have a rice cake or a corn chip and not this odd combination of rice and corn in a too hard to eat chip. It just didn't work for me and I found the name Osem gave the; "Tortilla" to be misleading.

As a whole I though these Osem Corn Tortillas were kind of bland. I would've liked them to have more salt than they did. On second thought if you eat them with a dip, spread or salad maybe it’s a good thing that they're more "neutral" so they won't compete with whatever you chose to eat them with. Still as a snack, alone, they just needed something more than the rice cake and corn taste they had.

Bottom Line: The only really good thing I can say about Osem's Corn Tortilla Snacks is that they're only 7 calories per chip. Given that they're toasted/baked and not fried that’s not surprising. The problem is I just didn’t like the way they looked or how they tasted. To me they were a somewhat bland, overly hard, corn and rice-cake that I just didn’t enjoy.

60 gram bag 6.90 NIS

Kosher Parve Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own 


  1. we have products like this in the US as well and i know exactly what you mean about all the disspaontments. i think the companies try very hard to give dieters the foods they crave in a "diet approved" way but the fact is it will never taste like the real food you are craving. but these products sometimes are just good to eat with tuna or salad to add a bit of crunch or salty flavor without the added calories but they never compare for real flavor or texture wise with their full fat or even reduced fat originals....gotta give them credit for tryin tho lol

  2. Very good points

    You're right I should give them some credit for trying but I guess since they didn't look appealing to me and they were sooooo dried out and difficult to bite into I was a little harder on Osem and didn't even give them credit for their attempt to accommodate people looking for low calorie options cuz that is important too.

  3. For a change I disagree with your review. :) I actually really enjoyed these chips and thought they were a great alternative to the much fattier fried versions. Yes, they're not the prettiest to look at and yes, they really aren't tortilla chips, but I thought the crunch was ok, not at all like the stale feeling you get from rice/corn cakes sometimes. The salt content was just right too, I find the fried stuff too salty and I like my food quite salty. I also appreciate the small serving size and for someone like me who's always craving crunchy treats and would balloon immediately from eating the real deal, it's a great option.

    1. I'm really happy you enjoyed the Osem Tortilla Chips. Thanks for adding another opinion. I think its great to have your review too so other readers can get a good idea about the product and decide if they want to try it or not. Thanks for your comment.