Friday, July 8, 2011

Coca-Cola Shabbat Box

Today's post fits under the
 "same product new packaging"
 Coca-Cola Israel
will start selling a
new 6 or 8 bottle box of regular
Coca-Cola with a special
 "Shabbat Label"
 on it.

קוקה-קולה מארז שכולו עונג שבת

The idea behind it is that many people
don’t like to put an "ugly" bottle of
coke on their elegant and festive
Shabbat or Holiday table
 So Coca-Cola is now offering a
Shabbat themed bottle
that is meant to be more
"appropriate" for
 the Shabbat table.

Coca-Cola even took it one step further
 and turned the inside of the box
that holds the 6 or 8 bottles
 into a board game
that the kids can play on Shabbat.

 Oh and the game "pieces" are
 the bottle caps J

I have yet to see this actually in the supermarket,
if you've seen it in a store near you let me know
 if it really looks more festive and
appropriate for an
 elegant table.

 After I published this blog post
 I was reading
and came across this article
So I decided to add it to the post

Shabbat Shalom

Disclaimer:  No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Yup, this tips the scales, we're making aliyah! 2013, we'll be there, iy"h...
    (okay, it was already in the works)

  2. Hi Jennifer
    בהצלחה with everything! That's wonderful!

  3. I love Coca Cola. I wish they would make Coca Cola seltzer--no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. I would guzzle the stuff by the gallon.

  4. Coca Cola seltzer cool and creative idea, I wonder what that would taste like and if Coke ever tried anything like that?