Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yotvata's Cold Coffees

Being that I am not a regular coffee drinker I wasn't going to review Yotvata's new line of cold coffees, even thought I was curious how it compared to Illy's Cold Coffee, which I recently reviewed. Then, a few days ago, I was at a breakfast event where they had Yotvat's new Latte as one of the options on the elaborate drinks buffet. This gave me the opportunity to try the coffee and also get the opinion of some coffee drinkers at my table.

יטבתה לאטה קר, מקיאטו קר וקפוצ'ינו קר

Yotvata's new line has 3 coffees to choose from; Latte (mild), Macchiato (strong) and Cappuccino (coffee with added cocoa) as I mentioned, I tasted the Latte.

I actually enjoyed Yotvata's Latte more than Illy's Cold Cappuccino, most likely because this Latte is a more mild coffee, not being a regular coffee drinker I don’t really care for strong coffees. I did think there was quite a bit of milk in the Latte but that didn’t really bother me like it bothered most of the heavy coffee drinkers at my table. They all would have preferred to taste the Macchiato which is the stronger coffee in this Yotvata line.

Yotvata's Latte does have sugar added but I didn’t think was too overly sweet, whereas most of my friends who never add sweetener to their coffee thought it was too sweet but not way over done.

All that having been said, no one HATED the Latte but then again the regular coffee drinkers didn’t really consider it their "morning coffee" and I saw quite a few of them enjoying a hot coffee "made to their liking" before the event was over.

I am not 100% sure why there's a warning on the bottle saying "It's not advisable for pregnant women (and children under 12) to drink this Latte", the children under 12 part I understand, but I'm wondering why they wrote that pregnant women should avoid it. As far as I knew most studies show that it's ok to drink up to 3 cups of caffeine a day when you're pregnant. Maybe this one Latte has so much caffeine that is surpasses the limit, I don’t know? But I gotta say it didn’t seem strong enough to have all that much caffeine in it. So maybe it's not the caffeine that’s the issue but something else?

 Could it be the ultra pasteurized milk that’s the problem, I wonder? When I checked Google I saw a few places where they said ultra pasteurized milk is not advisable for anyone because of all the "good bacteria" and vitamins that get "cooked out" of the milk in the ultra pasteurizing process but I didn’t see any warning particularly regarding pregnancy so I still don’t know for sure why they have the warning on the bottle. But whatever the reason may be, it kinda of freaks me out when products have such warning. Usually such warnings keep me away from a product even if I'm not pregnant.

Oh by the way, they also had frozen Yotvata Ice Shoko(Cocoa) for the kids, but regardless of age, everyone who tried the frozen shoko seemed to really enjoy it.

Bottom Line: I thought Yotvata's Latte was an enjoyable enough "coffee flavored milk" but if you're looking for a cold coffee to give you a caffeine "wake me up" or you really enjoy the taste of strong coffee I don’t think this Yotvata Latte is the right choice for you.

 250 mL bottle 5.99NIS

 Kosher Cholov Yisrael
הרב משה הדאיה שליט"א

Disclaimer: The coffee was purchased by my friend who was hosting the breakfast. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own and those of my friends at the table with me.



  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for this. I have only seen the J&J and the Ily packaged coffees. My husband loves bottled coffee drinks!

  2. Hi Laura
    Cool! If he tries it I would love to hear what he thinks of it:)

  3. I think it is a new thing to warn about caffeine. It was also on the chocolate & coffee bar I had from Elite.

  4. Hi Safranit
    Really interesting that the warning was on the chocolate & coffee bar too. I gotta look out for it on more coffee items. Plus gonna do some more research about it online. Thanks for letting me know.