Monday, February 27, 2012

Coupons for Products I Reviewed Recently

If and when I find coupons for products that I reviewed I try and tell you about them as I find them. Since I didn’t have a laptop for a while I have a few coupons to tell you about today.

I’ll start with the coupon for the Gummifletzet Candies
It’s good for 30% off one bag of the “monster shaped” gummy candies.
It can be used at any of the major supermarkets except Mega Bool.
It expires 29/4/12


Next up there are 2 coupons for Shtuzim’s new flavor.
No I didn’t post about this specific flavor called “Lavan/White” but I have posted about other Shtuzim flavors. The new Lavan Shtuzim is a non fruit flavored Shtuzim it’s a "natural" flavor; just a yogurt and white cheese fluffed Shtuzim. I actually got to taste it when they were giving out samples at the supermarket one day and I enjoyed it. So if you prefer a non fruit yogurt you may like this light and fluffy “white” Shtuzim.

(upon closer look both of the Shtuzim coupons are good for almost all the different flavored Shtuzim not just the new Lavan one. I used the Mega one today and it came out to 7 NIS as well so its basically the same coupon as the Shufersal one.)

With the first coupon you can get one 4 pack of the White Shtuzim for 7 NIS. It can be used at Shufersal Sheli or Shufersal Deal.
It expires 31/3/12

If you shop at Mega or Mega Bair here is a 30% off coupon for the same 4 pack of White Shtuzim. That also expires 31/3/12.

I also found a coupon for the Strauss Fresh Baby Carrots I blogged about here
It’s a 1+1 coupon for the 150 gram bags of the carrots. It can be used at most major supermarkets except Mega Bool, Shefa Shook and Yesh.
It expires 30/4/12

Finally I found a coupon for the Yad Mordechai Flavored Honeys for Kids. It’s a 50% off coupon for any of the 3 flavored honeys. It can be used at most major supermarkets except Mega Bool, Shefa Shook and Yesh.
It expires 31/7/12. 

 That's it for today I hope some of these coupons help you.

Disclaimer:  No one is paying me for this post. I have no affiliation with any of these companies. All opinions are my own 


  1. Are you going to review the new 5 gum (Zephyr)? I've read that Israel is the first country to launch that flavour. It's not even listed on any websites

  2. Hi MB
    I had read that too, given the major success other 5 Gums had here in Israel, Israel is the first to launch the Zephyr/Strawberry flavored 5 Gum but I personally didn't find it in my local store when I checked yesterday.

    I think it started hitting the shelves here last week.

    They are running a Facebook contest where someone from Israel can win tickets to the Hollywood premiere of the Hunger Games Movie so I'm sure the gum will get lots of attention because of that.

    Hopeful by weeks end I should find it, if I do I will try and get a review up about it as soon as possible.