Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nestle Fitness Cereal Bars

There are many cereal bars on the market these days. Nestle Fitness has joined the party with 4 new cereal bars, geared towards adults; natural flavor, dark chocolate, strawberry and dark chocolate with orange.
I tasted two of them, the dark chocolate and the natural one. Both of them were soft and chewy.
The dark chocolate cereal bar has mini dark chocolate chips mixed in with the cereal, as well as a thin coating of chocolate along the bottom of the bar.
Being that I really enjoy dark chocolate, I preferred the dark chocolate cereal bar. It has a rich dark chocolate taste (much more so than its competitor Strauss's Energy Shape 60% dark chocolate cereal bar.)
I found both of the Fitness cereal bars to be quite sweet. It seemed to me that the dark chocolate added to the bar helped somewhat curb the sweetness. That's part of why I preferred the dark chocolate one. For me the natural bar was slightly too sweet.
The cereals in these bars are made of whole flours.
In the natural bar the cereal makes up 55% of the bar (33% wheat and 22% rice.)
Regarding the dark chocolate one 43% of it is cereal (26% wheat and 17% rice.)
I think it’s a major plus that they are made of whole flour and wonderful that they have added 9 vitamins and minerals , including calcium, folic acid and iron to name a few.

They are under 100 calories per bar. The natural one is 92 calories each and the dark chocolate one has 91 calories per bar.

I just want to mention the amounts of sugar they have in them; for a 23.5 gram bar you have; 5.7 grams of sugar in the natural flavor one and 7.1 grams of sugar for the dark chocolate one. Seven grams of sugar is 1.5 teaspoons of sugar. At first, I thought that was a lot for a "healthy" cereal bar but, after comparing a few cereal bars I found that it's not out of the ordinary for healthier cereal bars to have 6-7 grams of sugar in a relatively small bar.

So although this Fitness bar might not replace a healthy breakfast for me, it may be a better snack option than grabbing a few regular cookies.  

Bottom line: I enjoyed the dark chocolate cereal bar. I may buy it again as a "grab and go snack", to tie me over until I can eat a proper meal. I just wish they would have used a little less sugar.

141 grams - 6 bars per pack 18.90 NIS
(Purchased at Rami Levi - 22 NIS for 2 packs)
Kosher: OU Dairy
אבקת חלב נוחרי
Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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