Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carmit's Sour Marshmallows & Taffy

Carmit recently developed a line of sour candies including marshmallows, taffies, lolly-pops, and gummy bears.
I wonder if their decision to put them on the self now, Purim time, was simply because they are new candy for Mishloach Manot or maybe because of the ונהפוך הוא ( "VeNahafoch Hu" ) aspect to them. You don’t expect a marshmallow to be sour. Then again I may be reading way too deep into when a company decides to débuted a product and maybe it has nothing to do with things getting turned around and upside down in the story of Purim. Most likely its simply that sour sweets is a huge craze in general at the moment.
I tried the sour marshmallows and sour taffies.
Sour Marshmallow
I was a little skeptical about trying the sour marshmallows but after looking at them they reminded me of sour belts with the sour-sugar coating on them. Since I kind of like sour belts I thought it wouldn't be so odd and my hesitation was gone. After the first bite I already knew that I actually preferred them over sour belts. Yes they do have the same sour-sugar coating but the perfectly soft, fluffy pink and white marshmallows are sweeter than the sour belt gummy part, making this sour marshmallow a real combination of sweet and sour. I enjoyed the contrast.
I also liked that the marshmallow melts in your mouth to some degree.  
When I roasted the marshmallows on an open fire (because we all know marshmallows were created, in part, to be roasted) they seemed to roast quicker than a regular marshmallow. I guess the sour-sugar coating helped it caramelize faster. I enjoyed the roasted marshmallow as well, although it tasted less sour once roasted.
Bottom Line: I was really glad I tasted them they were fun to eat, just as I think marshmallows are intended to be! So if you like sour-sugar coated sweets you might think these are a nice new treat.
150 gram /5.29 oz bag 7.99 NIS
Kosher: Badazt and OU
Sour Taffies
Although I don't think sour taffies are all that new, in that, I'm sure other companies make sour taffies, they are new for Carmit.
The sour taffies package was a mix of 2 flavors, strawberry-lemon and apple-lemon. The apple-lemon seemed slightly more sour to me but they were both somewhat sweet and somewhat sour with neither taste overpowering the other. In that way they reminded me, to some degree, of Jelly-Belly sour jelly beans. In every other way, shape, texture and packaging they look and feel like a regular, individually wrapped, taffy candy. The strawberry one is pink with a yellow center and the apple one is green with a yellow center.
I'd say they are exactly what they claim to be: a sour taffy. I liked them because usually taffies are too sweet for me.
An 8 and a 4 year old girl who tasted them said they would prefer a sweet taffy. Still, a 5 year old who enjoys sour-belts, and the like, really loved the sour taffies and she was so excited that it had two different colors in one taffy. Carmit's sour taffy was a "win win" for her. 
Bottom Line: They seem to totally live up to their name. I think they are a successful sour taffy.

 180 gram/6.3 oz. bag -6.99 NIS

Kosher: Badazt and OU

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Sweet *and* sour marshmallows? Intriguing... Did you try melting them? I'm interested to see how they would fare in baking, like in a tart lemon blondie...

  2. Yes Miriyummy they are intriguing good word!

    I did roast it over the fire ,as I mentioned, and it was still somewhat sour after roasting but not the same sourness as unroasted.
    It caramelized very quickly and easily because of the sugar coating so it might be nice topped over a dessert then roasted with a creme brulee torch right before being served.
    I haven't baked with them yet but, yes what a great idea to try them in something like a tart lemon blondie ..if you do try it PLEASE let me know how it comes out!
    Thank you for the cool idea and comment.