Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tzuriel's Goat-Milk Pear Yogurt

יוגורט עיזים אזס - צוריאל

A few months ago in my reviewed Tzuriel's Mildly Sweetened Whole Goats-Milk Yogurt I mentioned that they also had a few goat-milk yogurts with added fruits but I never did try those yogurts. Now Tzuriel has added a new fruit flavored goat-milk yogurt to that line. This time its pear flavored.

I actually had a hard time finding it in any of my local supermarkets but when I finally found it there was only one on the shelf but that’s all I needed in order to try it.

I enjoyed the light creamy texture of the yogurt but I thought it was way too sweet. That didn’t surprise me when I read the ingredients and saw that sugar is the number two ingredient. I really didn’t think they needed so much sugar in this yogurt especially because pears are a sweet fruit to start with.

I was also somewhat disappointed with what seemed to be a slight artificial aftertaste. The ingredients did mention "added flavors" and since the container does not say that they are natural flavors I am assuming they are artificial and that is a disappointment. I really don’t think they needed to add that junk.

I did like the nice size chunks of pear that they added. Each spoonful had a good amount of real fruit on it. The pear pieces were even slightly crunchy and I felt like I was actually eating a "fresh pear". I like when I know what fruit I'm eating and in this case it was clearly real genuine pears. 

Tzuriel's Goat-Milk Pear Yogurt has 11.75% pears. It also has added fibers but no added preservatives. This yogurt has 2.5% fat.

Bottom Line: In general I prefer goat-milk products over any other milk products so I was hoping that I would really like this Tzuriel's Goat-Milk Pear Yogurt but although I liked the chunks of pear the yogurt as a whole was simply too sweet for my taste and I didn’t like the added artificial flavor. 

150 gram container 5.99 NIS

Kosher Dairy Mehadrin Badatz

Update: Winner of 2012 Product of the Year Award Israel

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. So nice to have u back! :) fun spoon btw ;)

  2. Thanks :) It's good to be back:)
    I had gotten the spoon in some cereal box at some point and thought it would be a good way to brighten up the yogurt photos.
    The part you put food on actually turns from white to pink if it gets wet - so it's a really fun spoon use :)