Thursday, October 6, 2011

PriGat's Fresh Squeezed Red Orange Juice

 סחוט תפוז אדום פריגת
Update: This Fresh Squeezed Red Orange Juice, along with the 100% Fresh Squeezed Pomegranate Juice from PriGat Won a Product of the Year Awards 2013 in the drinks categorize. 
PriGat has a new limited edition fresh squeezed orange juice on the market. It's made with of blood-oranges and they named it "Squeezed Red Orange".

According to the press release, blood-oranges were very popular here in Israel some 63 years ago but then slowly disappeared from the local fields. About 5 years ago PriGat decided to plant a blood-orange orchard in Emek Chefer specifically for this new product. Their long wait is over and the Squeezed Red Orange Juice is finally in the store refrigerators. Because of the limited amount of fruit they have in the orchards this drink is not going to be a permanent product but only a limited edition juice.   

At first I thought it tasted a little watered down but maybe I didn’t shake it up enough before I poured my first glass because the second time I tasted it I thought it was much more flavorful and tangy than I had originally thought. Still, it wasn't overly tangy, like I was expecting it to be, but it was a little more "sour" than a "classic" orange juice, with maybe a touch in the direction of a red grapefruit juice.

Given that the blood-oranges Prigat used for this drink are of the Moro variety I was anticipating more of a sweeter orange taste with hint of raspberry but I didn’t really notice that. I did think it had a little "kick" to it and was somewhat "spicy". Maybe if I was comparing it to other blood-orange juices I would've picked up on the different notes and I would have tasted the raspberry 
but never having tasted a blood-orange juice before I didn't notice the touch of raspberry or the "sweetness" I was expecting.
That's not to say that I didn’t enjoy it, I did, but I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t as "unique" or "special" as I was expecting it to be. Not to mention that I actually prefer my orange juice with a little more of dominant orange taste to it. 

What I liked most about the drink is the vibrant color the juice has. If I was hosting a party and wanted this color drink for one reason or another I think it would be fun to have this as an option, but on a regular basis I don’t think it's special enough to splurge and pay 13.00 NIS for a 1 liter bottle when regular PriGat orange juice or red grapefruit juice can be found at a fraction of that price.

PriGat's Squeezed Red Orange Juice is made of 100% natural red (blood) oranges and has no added sugar and no preservatives. Blood-oranges are known to be high in anti oxidants.       

Bottom Line: I like that PriGat planted blood-orange orchards and is trying to reintroduce this fruit that was popular here when the modern State of Israel was first born. Maybe as the orchard grows and PriGat has more fruit they can lower the price of the juice. Although this Squeezed Red Orange Juice was somewhat unique in the end I didn’t think it was unique enough to warrant its high price.

1 liter Bottle – 13.00 NIS

Kosher Parve Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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