Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elite's Honey Roll Nut Cream Filled Cake

For this new "Rosh Hashanah cake" Elite teamed up with Yad Mordechai; one of Israel's leading honey manufactures, to give us a Honey Roll Cake with Nut Cream Filling. 

רולדת דבש עם קרם אגוזים של עלית

Given that I'm not usually a fan of any commercial cakes that Elite (or Osem, among others) makes, I wasn't going to review this cake at all, but when I saw it on sale (at Rami Levy) it seemed a bit "unique" to me. The fact that it’s a honey roll cake and has a nut cream filling intrigued me. I decided to give it a try.

When I opened the package this Honey Roll Cake with Nut Cream Filling looked pretty. I liked the thin layer of milk-chocolate at the bottom; I thought dipping the roll cake in chocolate like that was a nice extra touch.

The cake was soft and spongy. It had a definite honey flavor but it was not totally overpowering, like many mass-produced honey cakes tend to be. Still, if you don’t like honey cake you most likely would not enjoy this one either. I guess I can call it a "Lighter Honey Cake" but it's absolutely a honey cake.

It's also absolutely mass-produced! Very quickly all things I dislike about such commercial cakes kicked in. There was a very powdery "flour" aftertaste to the cake that I really did not enjoy.

I didn’t really taste the cashews or hazelnuts in the nut filling. It seemed to be  somewhat more like shortening than cream; I certainly did not enjoy that.

Even the thin layer of chocolate at the bottom disappointed me; I thought it had  a waxy aftertaste.

Bottom Line: I liked the "idea" of Elite's Honey Roll Cake with Nut Cream Filling but in my opinion it had all the downfalls of a mass-produces commercial cake and I didn’t enjoy eating it. 

300 gram cake 11.99 NIS (was on sale for 8.00 NIS)

Kosher Dairy OU
חלב ישראל

(I didn’t want to spend any money on Osem's two latest cakes; Chocolate & Caramel Crumb Cake and Cherry Crumb Cake because judging from all the past Osem cakes I've tasted, I was almost sure I would not like them. If you tried either or both of the new Osem crumb cakes I would love to know what you thought of them, thanks :)

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. What a pity it was such a disappointing cake cuz it's so pretty:(
    I find it interesting that a company would produce a honey cake for rosh hashana that has nuts inside... I was always taught that we try not to eat nut products on rosh hashana cuz the Hebrew word for nuts has same numerical value as the Hebrew word for sin...

  2. Yeah I was also disappointed that I didn't enjoy it because I agree it is pretty and I like the idea of a Honey Roll Cake but I guess I can always take the idea and make a scrumptious homemade version. Re: the nuts yes your right and I found it interesting that so many of the chocolates I have reviewed for Rosh Hashanah (including some Elite chocolate bars I will post about later in the week) also have nuts in them. My guess is that the custom of not eating nuts on Rosh Hashanah is an Ashkenazi custom and as with Kosher for Passover customs etc most Israeli food companies "follow" the Sephardic customs so they don't refrain from putting nuts into Rosh Hashanah items. But Elite likely would have sold more cakes had they used a different flavored cream filling. Thanks for your comment.