Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bazooka Cola Flavored and Strawberry Flavored Gum

Bazooka has two new gums on the market. One is Cola Flavored Gum and the other is Strawberry Flavored Gum.

מסטיק בזוקה בטעם קולה ותות 
Cola Flavored Bazooka Gum
I was so pleasantly surprised that I had enjoyed Chupa Chups Cola Flavored Magic Powder Lollipop that I was sure I would also like this new Bazooka Cola Flavored Gum. I didn’t hesitate and popped one in my mouth. HUGE mistake!!! Oh my goodness I thought it was AWFUL!

When I first put it in my mouth, before I even chewed the gum, I still thought I would like it. The gum seemed to have a slight tanginess to it, but after the first "bite" the so called "cola flavor" kicked in and I had to get it out of my mouth really fast!

I can't really tell you very much more about this Bazooka Cola Flavored gum. I don’t even know if it tasted anything like cola. I just know I could not stand the taste. I went straight to brush my teeth so I can get the horrible flavor completely washed out of my mouth as fast as possible.

Bottom Line: I couldn't handle the taste of this Cola Flavored Bazooka Gum. The only thing I enjoyed about this Bazooka gum was the "Did You Know Fact" printed on the wrapper, under the Bazooka Joe cartoon. So did you know "that an office chair travels approximately 13 kilometers a year?" 

Strawberry Flavored Bazooka Gum
After my experience with the Cola Flavored Bazooka Gum I was a little worried about tasting the Strawberry Flavored Bazooka Gum. I actually waited a few weeks until I had the "guts" to taste it. In comparison it actually wasn't all that bad.

I did notice a strawberry flavor but it wasn’t one of the most overpowering strawberry flavors I've tasted in a gum before.

The Strawberry Bazooka Flavored Gum was fine. The flavor was sweet but not "unbearably sweet", like I hate in many fruit flavored gum.

This gum is by no means "long lasting" after just a few moments of chewing and making bubbles the flavor was all gone.

Like the Hubba Bubba Gum I reviewed a few weeks ago, the size and shape of these new Bazooka Gums are very conducive to popping big fun bubbles.

Bottom Line: The Strawberry Flavored Bazooka Gum was OK. I didn’t hate it like I hated the Cola Flavor one but I didn’t love it either. I think there are better fruit flavored gums available on the marker here. If you really want a Bazooka Gum I would say stay stick to the original Bubble Gum Flavored Bazooka. Then again it's been YEARS since I tasted that and I don’t know what I would think of it now.

Both of these Bazooka Gums have no artificial food coloring.

Pack of 5 pieces (6 grams each) - 2.90 NIS

Kosher OU and Rabbinate Nazareth-Illit

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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