Monday, March 12, 2012

Carmit’s Strawberry Filled Marshmallows

כרמית מרשמלו ממולא בטעם תות
Carmit, Israel’s leading marshmallow manufacture has a new product on the market. This time they went for a strawberry filled marshmallow. Even though I’m not usually a fan of strawberry/fruit flavored products the concept of a “stuffed” marshmallow intrigued me so I decided to try it.

Each marshmallow is 3 cm. in diameter and has a slight pyramid like shape to it, once it “fluffs” back up after coming out of its individual wrapper. I thought it looked cute and could make a nice topping for a cupcake, ice cream or something like that, because it kind of looks like a nicely swirled dollop of fluff that would make a pretty decoration for a dessert.            

Each Strawberry Filled Marshmallow is individually wrapped and still as soon as I opened the package they came in I instantly smelled a strong artificial strawberry aroma. Yet the packaging says they only used natural food coloring, so I don’t know why it seemed to me like they had an artificial strawberry aroma.
Once I bit into the marshmallow I saw and tasted the strawberry gel-like center it had. I think the initial strawberry aroma was actually stronger than the strawberry taste the gel in the marshmallow had. Don’t worry not only did I smell strawberry I did taste it as well and it didn’t taste as artificial as it smelled. I didn’t love a) the consistency of the gel or b) the artificial strawberry aroma but neither of those surprised me, that’s actually what I was anticipating it would be like.

The marshmallow itself is Carmit’s standard marshmallow and I enjoyed that part just fine. If they would have filled it with something like chocolate I think I would have enjoyed it much more, but hay that can always be their next product.

Bottom Line: I liked the idea of a “stuffed” marshmallow I think it’s pretty and creative, but since I don’t like the smell (or taste) of artificial fruit flavors, I didn’t love these Strawberry Filled Marshmallow. Even though it didn’t taste as artificial as it smelled I wasn’t crazy about the taste either and the gel consistency bothered me a little. Still as a whole this product wasn’t awful. I wouldn’t mind seeing Carmit try other non fruit flavored fillings like chocolate or caramel etc. I think that should make for a fun roasted marshmallow or s’mores.  

Pack of 12 marshmallows 7.99 NIS

Kosher Parve Rabbinate

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.  No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own


  1. These look so fun;) I wonder how they r roasted? They would b a great cupcake topper

  2. yes I too thought they were creative and a fun cupcake topping:)
    Since I didn't "love" the the flavor I was skeptical about roasting them but I really should try that and let you know what I think- Had it been a chocolate filling I would have tried it roasted FOR SURE!!:)
    thanks for your comment:)