Thursday, March 1, 2012

Telma’s Cocoman Cookies/Rice Crispy Treats

תלמה קוקומן קוקי

Given how popular Rice Crispy Treats are in other parts of the world and taking into account all the cereal bars on the local market I’ve often wondered why no Israeli company has a Rice Crispy Treat in their line of products. I was kind of pleasantly surprised to see that Telma finally got on the bandwagon. 

They’ve come out with 2 different flavored Rice Crispy Treats. The first flavor is the Classic Rice Crispy Treat topped with a chocolate zig zag and the second flavor is a Chocolate Flavored Rice Crispy Treat with the same chocolate zig zag on top.

Telma has put these Rice Crispy Treats in their “Cocoman" line of cereals and cereal bars.

I’m not sure why Telma chose to call this product קוקיס Cookies. But it seems they aren't 100% sure what this product really is because they are running a Facebook contest where you can help the "cookies" workout who they really are by suggesting who they should meet with and talk to so they can find out who/what they really are. The winning entry gets an IPod touch.

If Telma wasn't sure how to present these treats to the Israeli public and they opted for an English word in the end why did they go with "Cookies" and not something like "Bar" or "Treats"? I don’t think Cookies is the right name for a Rice Crispy Treat but, as I often say on this blog, I am not here to talk about the odd names companies sometimes choose to use, I am here to tell you what I thought of the product itself.

Yes Rice Crispy Treats are one of the easiest homemade treats to make. Even the non Betty Crockers amongst us can pull off a fairly good Rice Crispy Treat without too much effort. Still I was curious to see how the mass-produced one would compare to the homemade version so I decided to try Telma’s more classic option.  

I thought the Telma Cookies was super sweet but hay what do I expect from a Rice Crispy Treat? Even homemade Rice Crispy Treats are ultra sweet so that didn’t surprise me or disappoint me too much. What did bother me was the overwhelming artificial or “chemical” aftertaste Telma’s Cookies had. I know there are marshmallow fluffs out there that have a very artificial taste to them but there are some that don’t have as much of an artificial taste to them. It seems Telma chose to use one that left a very chemical aftertaste that I didn’t enjoy.

Had Telma chosen to use a better quality marshmallow fluff I would have preferred to see a higher fluff to cereal ratio in the treats. That’s just my personal preference, I think most people would be happy with the consistency, but when I make Rice Crispy Treats I like to have more fluff than cereal. Just another benefit to homemade vs. mass-produced.  

I guess I’m a bit of a traditionalist because I kind of prefer my Rice Crispy Treat without any additions, so I wasn’t crazy about the chocolate zig zag on top. It wasn’t bad per say, just I personally would have preferred it not to be there. Then again I’m guessing most kids will be very happy to have the chocolate on the top. It does make it look somewhat more exciting and interesting and it adds a chocolate flavor that many would enjoy.

Bottom Line: Even though I don’t think Cookies is the name Telma should have chosen their Rice Crispy Treat I found it interesting to finally see a local company add this product to their line of cereal bars. For what it is; a mass-produced Rice Crispy Treat, I thought it was mediocre at best. The strong artificial taste bothered me and I personally would have left off the chocolate swirl on top. Given how easy it is to make Rice Crispy Treats at home, for the rear occasions that I allow myself a Rice Crispy Treat, I would rather choose a “better quality” fluff and make the treat to my specific liking.

Each 22 gram treat has 86 calories and they contain barley gluten.

1 Box- 7 individually wrapped treats per box- 18.99NIS
(2 for 29.99NIS in many supermarkets)

 Kosher Dairy Rabbinate

   Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own


  1. The mass-produced treats in the states also taste like chemicals. Can you make home-made ones with marshmallow fluff? I've only ever made with real (kosher) marshmallows, and the ones here don't seem to work right.
    True story, I used to work with at-risk Youth and the day I told them we were going to make rice krispy treats , they told me you couldn't do it, they only came in packages. so sad.

  2. Hi Amanda
    Bummer the US ones taste like chemicals too:(
    thanks for letting me know

    I know the official recipe calls for marshmallows and not fluff but on the rear occasion that I have made them I always used fluff, My friend told me she does as well.

    Gosh I can't get over that the kids at the center said that-did they get a kick out of seeing you actually make them?
    It reminded me of seeing a Jamie Oliver special (I think it was Jamie) where he asked kids where vegetables come from and they said the supermarket!
    One thing I love about living in a warm place like Israel is that I (and kids)see fruit trees and vegetables ..In my garden and all over the country I have a feeling some/more kids here know where vegetables and fruits come from:) I hope so anyway:)

    Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog:)