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Product Of The Year Winners 2012

מוצרי השנה 2012
The annual Product of the Year Awards took place recently. I wrote about it here on Isreview last year as well. Since many of the food and drink winners this year are products I reviewed within the past year I thought it would be even more fun and interesting for me to blog about the winners this time.

Awards are given in other categories aside from food, snacks and drinks but since this blog is about 95% food, snacks and drink reviews I will mostly mention the food, snacks and drink winner. If you want to see the winners in other categories you can check out the Product of the Year website for all the details.

Let’s get started with the Food and Snack items... And The Winners Are...

Tirat Tzvi's Thin Sliced Deli-Meat “individual” packages
Here is my review of this Tirat Tzvi thinly sliced cold cuts.

Starkist Tuna 99 Calorie Containers
Here is my review of this tuna product.
Osem's Shtuchim Flat Pretzels

This was actually the very first product I ever reviewed here on Isreview. Since then there have been many other flat pretzels that hit the local market. I do think Osem deserved an award for this flat pretzel and for “mixing things up” and adding excitement to the local pretzel market in the way they did.
And here is my review of the Osem Flavored Shtuchim they didn't get an award but still I thought I'd add the link anyway.

Carmit Ego's Chocolate Coated Pretzels
Staying on the topic of pretzels another product that finally made its way to Israel was chocolate (white, dark and milk) covered pretzels. It was Carmit that put this product on the local shelf. Here is my review of the Dark Chocolate one.
Fitness Cereal Bars
There are so many cereal bars on the market here and I can’t say I think Fitness are the best of the bunch but these are the ones that won the local award. Here is my review of Fitness's Cereal Bars.

Must Cubed Gums
I reviewed both the mint flavored Must Cubed Gum and the Sour Apple flavor. Here is my review of the mint one and here is my apple cubed gum review. And here is where I told you about two other Must fruit flavored cubed gums.

Milka Cookies
I reviewed Milka's Choco Moo Cookies here


Café Elite’s Milkshake Drinks based on Elite Candy Bars
The category as a whole was awarded. In August I tried and reviewed the Café Elite Ice (Milkshake) Egozi Drink here

Shandy Bitter Lemon Flavor - I did not try or review this product.

San Benedetto Lightly Carbonated Drink – I did not try or review this product

Neviot Plus Winter Flavor Waters
I reviewed the summer flavors here.
What made the winter Neviot Plus Flavors “special” was the fact that they were intended to be heated to make a hot drink or they could be drunk cold, right out of the refrigerator as well. I tasted the Orange Nana hot Neviot Plus Water, one day at a mall, Neviot was giving out samples. I thought it was too sweet for my taste. Maybe they gave me the wrong flavor because I didn’t pick up much Orange or Nana. Yes to me it had an artificial fruit taste to it but I wasn’t convinced it was orange and nana. I like the concept but think the flavors needed work. 

Personally I would rather heat water in the kettle and add some nana and a slice of fresh lemon or orange rather than spend 7 NIS for Neviot’s version that I’m almost sure has sugar or a sugar substitute added to it as well.
Dairy Products
Tzuriel's Goats-Milk Fruit Yogurt

I reviewed both the non fruit and pear flavored goats-milk yogurts from Tzuriel Dairy, the fruit flavored yogurts won the award.
Tzuriel’s Goat’s-Milk 9% Cheese Log
I didn’t review this product but judging from the fact that I really enjoyed their yogurts I could imagine really liking this cheese as well.

Muller Simply Fruit Yogurt
I didn’t taste this yogurt but I did taste and really liked Muller’s Yogurt with Dark-Chocolate Shavings.
One product from the Home Goods categories that I didn’t blog about but I have tried and really liked, so much so that I continue to use it on a regular basis, is the Toilet Duck Gel. It’s very easy to use and I think it does a better job than many of the toilet “freshener” things that can be “attached” to the toilet. The major benefit here is that there is nothing to remove after its empty, so no need to touch the “case” in order to remove it. I use two “dots” at a time and they last over a week. I understand why this product got an award. I think the most pleasant scent is the lemon one, that’s the one I buy.

Within the next few months you should start seeing the winner’s logo on the winning items in the stores. This should help you can find the products more easily. Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these products and what you thought of them. 

It will be interesting to see what products will win next year and how many of them I will review within the coming year.

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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