Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bagel Bagel's Aleph-Bet Shaped Pretzels

בייגל בייגל בייגלה אותיות
Pretzels are one of my favorite salty snacks so I can’t help but try every new pretzel that comes out even if it’s just a gimmick like the re-new limited edition Aleph-Bet shaped pretzels from Bagel Bagel. I say renewed because I kind of remembered seeing an Aleph-Bet and numbers shaped pretzels from them at some point. A quick Google search later I found a photo of the old version but I don’t remember how they tasted so I can’t compare them.

This newer, limited edition, Aleph-Bet pretzels hit the shelves as soon as summer vacation began. At first I thought that was odd, I would have expected them to wait two months for the start of the new school year to début them but then again maybe it’s a fun way to get kids ready for first grade or help older kids practice spelling as they eat their snack throughout the summer vacation.

As with other fun shaped Bagel Bagel pretzels like the Safari Grilled flavored Pretzels, I reviewed last May, I thought these Aleph-Bet shaped pretzels were too dry and over baked. I understand that it’s harder to not over bake smaller/thinner shaped pretzels but somehow they manage to not totally dry out and over bake their thin pretzel sticks so why do they fail on the fun shaped ones like these Aleph-bet ones?

The Bagel Bagel Aleph- Bet shaped Pretzels are salted, baked not fried, have no artificial food coloring and have no cholesterol or trans fats in them.

Bottom Line: I think most kids love fun shaped snacks and foods, being able to spell out words with their snack could be exciting but I think Bagel Bagel has to come up with a way to not over bake and dry them out because I had more fun finding the right letters for my sentence than I had eating my words:)  
300 gram bag - 10.90 NIS

Kosher Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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