Friday, March 4, 2011

Osem's Flat Pretzel Update

Have you been looking for the new Flat Pretzel from Osem ,that I reviewed here, but can't seem to find it in any store you frequent?
Well your not the only one!

Seems that it was such a huge hit that Osem simply ran out !!!
They underestimated the positive response it would get across the country, and to start with, they did not produce enough to keep up with the demand.

Osem even took out this ad, in the current weekly magazines, apologizing to the public, saying...

"We are SORRY, but you "devoured"
(they used a slang word לטחון literally translation - to grind, to crush, to mince)
all the flat pretzels !

We didn't think they would get used up so fast ... Osem promises to continue doing everything they can to meet the demand."

I have to say, I'm not shocked the flat pretzels are such a hit, I kinda love them too!

I would not be surprised if they are rewarded a "product of the year" award next February ... I'll try to keep you posted on that.

So if you have not yet tried the new flat pretzels from Osem you may have to wait just a bit longer, Sorry! :(


  1. That would explain it. My daughter's been after me to buy them :).

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  2. Hi Robin
    I too was kind of shocked that I could not find them the past 2 weeks or so... I'll try to keep you posted when I see them back on the shelf, so you can get them for your daughter.

  3. Just bought them yesterday- liked them, but found them a bit well done on the bottom. I like the American version better (forgot the brand)

  4. Oh wow Abbi your store had them maybe they are back on the shelf I gotta check that out.

    "but found them a bit well done on the bottom."

    Really non of the bags I had were well done, sorry your bag was.