Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mentos Gum

Being a fan of Mentos candy I was happy to hear they have started selling their Mentos gum here in Israel.

There are 5 sugar-free Mentos gums available here in 2 different categories;

Mentos PURE FRESH gums – has 2 flavors, Mint and Spearmint. For extra "freshness" they added green-tea extract in the center of each piece.
Mentos Fruit Juice Blast gums – gives us the 3 fruit flavors, Watermelon, Red Fruits & Lime and finally Tropical fruits.

I actually like the packaging it's convenient and has less wrapping to throw away. Plus it seems like it will keep the gum inside fresh for longer than a paper box would. Not that its new or innovative I've seen a few Must and Orbit gums in this kind of container too, but I just like it, so I mentioned it. J

As I've written before I prefer mint gum over fruit gum, so I tasted the Mint and Spearmint. I could tell very little difference between the 2 of them.

The Mentos gum is a little smaller and slightly thicker than Mentos candy. The Mint was white with blue specks and the Spearmint white with green specks. They have a slight candy coating just like the Mentos candy, so biting into it at first, it seems very much like the Mentos candy.

If you cut it in half you can see the green-tea extract in the center.

At first the gum was "fresh" and "airway opening" but that did not last past the first few seconds.
The mint taste of the gum lasted 10 maybe 15 minutes (and that’s really stretching it). That is by no means "long lasting" in my book. A friend who tasted the Must Cubes Gum said that it lasted her more than half an hour, closer to 40 minutes, that amount of time I would consider to be "long lasting". This Mentos Pure gum was not "long lasting" for me.

Bottom Line: I don’t think Mentos Pure Fresh Gum is a bad chewing gum but I don’t find anything extra special about it. It surly is not long lasting. I will continue enjoying the Mentos candy but for gum I'll choose the less expensive Orbit Aqua gum that seems to work just fine for me.

24 grams – 12 pieces of gum- 6.50 NIS

Kosher : Chatam Sofer 

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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