Monday, June 27, 2011

Chio's Sweet Chili Tortilla Rolls

 חטיפי טורטיות CHIO

Chio a popular snack brand in Europe launched a line of Tortilla Chips here in Israel. There are 3 tortilla chips to choose from; Hot Chili Tortilla Chips, Original Salted Tortilla Chips and Sweet Chili Tortilla Rolls.

I thought the Sweet Chili Tortilla Rolls sounded and looked the most interesting to me, so that's the one I chose to taste.

These Chio Sweet Chili Tortilla Rolls really lived up to their name; initially I tasted the "sweet" quickly followed by the "chili" flavor. I found this combination to be tasty and interesting but not overly addictive. At some point the hot chili "helped" me stop eating too many of them, no its not excessively spicy or way too hot but the hot chili does somewhat overpower the original "sweet" flavor. I'm sure there are many who love a sweet hot and spicy combo that will be happy that these tortilla rolls have as much of "a kick" as they do.

I found the roll shape to be fun and easy to eat as a snack but, I don’t think they are the ideal shape for dipping into salsa. Then again, the sweet chili flavor is tasty enough that I didn’t really want nor need a dip added to the mix. I do think however, that they are thick enough to "stand up" to any dip you may want to enjoy them with.

I have to say, compared to the Doritos Dip Chips, I recently reviewed, I thought these Chio's Corn Tortilla Rolls seemed to be quite a good quality tortilla; they were fresh, crispy & crunchy and not overly oily, just like I think a good tortilla chip should be.

Bottom Line: For me these Chio Tortilla Sweet Chili Rolls were a nice snack with a lot of flavor that I may enjoy from time to time. I think it's nice that they made their way across the Mediterranean but in my opinion they are way too overpriced to really become a snack cupboard "staple".

125 gram bag – 9.00-10.00 NIS

Kosher Parve KF and approved by Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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