Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Osem's Bittersweet Belgian Chocolate Flavored Instant Pudding

Hello my name is Daniela and I'm a bittersweet chocolate addict…. Well maybe not an addict, but don’t all addicts say they aren’t addicted?? Regardless, if you read this blog on a regular basis, firstly THANK YOU! I really appreciate my loyal readers. Secondly, you may have gathered by now that I really really like high quality, rich bittersweet chocolate. Therefore I was thrilled to see a press release announcing Osem's New Bittersweet Belgian Chocolate Flavored Pudding.

אסם אינסטנט פודינג בטעם שוקולד בלגי מריר

I actually saw the press release a few weeks ago but I could not seem to find it in any of my local supermarkets.  Finally, the other day I saw it on the shelf and was excited to get it home and try it. I made sure to buy some milk and 38% whipping cream, as per the packages instructions.
When I opened the instant powder package I could immediately smell the rich chocolate flavor. I poured the cold cup of milk (200 ml.) and the carton of cold whipping cream (250ml) into a bowl and added the pudding powder. I then whipped it together with the electric mixer. It was very easy and quick and within a few moments I had a very rich creamy chocolate pudding ready to serve.

The taste of this Bittersweet Belgian Chocolate Pudding was a bit richer and more "bittersweet" than Osem's regular chocolate pudding.

I was a drop disappointed that the pudding didn’t have a more powerful bittersweet chocolate taste. Maybe because of the milk and whip cream the bittersweet chocolate flavor got somewhat lost. I kind of thought the bittersweet taste became secondary to the overall chocolate milk flavor.

It could be it was just a matter of expectation, I was anticipating a very strong bittersweet chocolate flavor that, for me, just wasn’t there. I did enjoy the pudding but, as I mentioned, I thought it was only slightly different to the original Osem chocolate pudding. It's possible that someone who's not as enthusiastic about bittersweet chocolate as I am, may very well think this tastes extremely bittersweet and way different to that of Osems regular instant chocolate pudding.

Perhaps, had I prepared it with water as opposed to milk I would have gotten a more bittersweet chocolate flavor but, for the purposes of this post I wanted to follow the directions on the box "to a T", so I can give you a proper review.

Osem's Bittersweet Belgian Chocolate Flavored Instant Pudding has no artificial food coloring and no preservatives added. There is no cooking involved in preparing this pudding.

Bottom Line: I liked Osem's Bittersweet Belgian Chocolate Flavored Instant Pudding just as much as I like their original chocolate pudding. I didn’t think this new version was amazing or extraordinary but it was a touch more bittersweet. I hoped the bittersweet chocolate flavor would have been stronger and richer, but it wasn't. If it stays on the shelf, yes it’s a limited edition product, I will probably try it again, either alone prepared with water and not milk, or as an icing for a cake/filling for a pie. If after that my opinion changes, I'll be sure to add an update to this post.

95 gram box – 5.00 NIS

Kosher Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


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