Monday, June 13, 2011

Yotvata Ice Shoko (Cocoa)

יטבתה אייס שוקו
Kibbutz Yotvata is best known for their milk factory, with Yotvata Chocolate Milk being their number one sold product. They now have a new item on the market; "Ice Shoko" (Shocko is the Hebrew slang word for chocolate milk)

The idea behind this Ice Shoko is that you can either drink it as a rich chocolate milk or you can freeze it and enjoy it as an ices, sort of a "chocolate sorbet" pop.

As many years as I have happily been living here in Israel, drinking chocolate milk (or any drink) out of a bag is still odd and unnatural for me, but generations of Israeli kids seem to enjoy it immensely, so who am I to question it.

This Ice Shoko is sold in a package of 8 bags; each individual bag has just 75 milliliter of chocolate milk in them. That's actually quite a small amount. When I poured it into a cup it was only approximately half a cup full.

As a cold drink this Ice Shoko was richer and thicker than your average chocolate milk. I did enjoy it but thought it was a little too chocolaty. The fact that it's such a small amount wasn’t such a problem after all, considering it's such a rich chocolaty beverage.

I actually think that if you're looking for a drink most kids would prefer the original Yotvata Chocolate Milk over this thicker, smaller option.

Frozen it was much more enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it as a sorbet/ice pop. The ice cold, rich, creamy, fudgy, chocolate consistency was a wonderful treat when I got home from a long hot walk.

As ices, the size was just perfect; it wasn’t too big or too small. Aside from which, enjoying it out of a "bag" frozen was not strange to me at all, I've had many an ices that comes packaged, in plastic, just like this Ice Shocko. 

Yotvata's Ice Shoko is made with 2.5% fat milk and has added vitamin D.

Bottom Line: Frozen, this Yotvata Ice Shoko is a real winner for me. Considering its only 92 calories per bag I think it can be a great chocolaty treat on a hot summer's day, for kids of all ages.

Package of 8 x 75ml bags – 12 NIS

Kosher Dairy Cholov Yisrael

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