Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hubba Bubba's Apple Flavored Gum

Wrigley has a new Hubba Bubba gum on the market, here in Israel, it’s an apple flavored gum.

הובה בובה מסטיק תפוח

I was kind of curious where the name Hubba Bubba came from, I found a detailed timeline with the answer on Wrigley's Hubba Bubba page 
"1979: Hubba Bubba was the first bubble gum introduced by the Wrigley Company. The name comes from the phrase "Hubba Hubba" which was used by soldiers during World War II to express approval. "
I think it's cool to know that Hubba Bubba was actually their first bubble gum and that Wrigley only started making bubble gum in 1979, somehow I thought they were making bubble gum way before that. Back to this new flavor…

I would really call this new, light green colored, Hubba Bubba Gum "Green Apple" or "Sour Apple" because to me it has a green apple /sour apple flavor but Hubba Bubba just calls it Apple flavor.

I liked this new apple flavored gum. I think I mentioned in my reviews of Must Cubed Gums , Mentos Gums and Five Watermelon Gum that I'm not a huge fan of fruit flavored gums, I much prefer the mint family of gums, but this apple gum was more sour than an overly sweet/"tutti frutti" flavor, so I actually enjoyed this sour apple flavor and thought it was a nice change.

The apple flavor did wear off fairly quickly but Hubba Bubba does not claim to be a long lasting gum so I didn’t expect the flavor to last more than a few minutes.  

Hubba Bubba is geared toward children and although it's far from the sweetest gum you'll find I'm sure there are kids that will enjoy this combination of sweet and sour in their gum. 

Hubba Bubba gums are known to be big juicy chunks of gum that are fun for kids to chew and make huge bubbles with, this new apple flavor gum is no exception. Each piece is a nice big mouthful and very conducive to blowing big bubbles.  

As with all Hubba Bubba gums this new apple flavored gum is made with all natural food colorings. I'm impressed that Hubba Bubba manages to give their gums a wonderful fun vibrant color using all natural food colorings.

Bottom Line: I liked Hubba Bubba's Apple Gum, granted it's not gonna be my "go to" gum; partly because it's far from long lasting and mainly because it is not a sugar-free gum, but for once in a while when I want a sour flavored gum I would choose Hubba Bubba's Apple Gum and have fun making huge bubbles long after the green apple flavor is gone.

Pack of 5 individually wrapped gum pieces – 2.50NIS

Kosher Badatz KF London

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


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