Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crunchy Cheetos Cheese "Toast" Pizza Flavor and Mildly Spicy Cheese Flavor

צ'יטוס קראנצ' גבינה טוסט פיצה
While I still have cheese "on the mind", from yesterdays beautiful Shavuot holiday, I thought I would review these two dairy Crunchy Cheetos; one is Cheese *Toast Pizza flavor and the second is Mildly Spicy Cheese flavor.

*"Toast" here in Israel refers to a grilled cheese sandwich toasted in a Panini Press. A "pizza toast" would have pizza sauce added to it as well.

Crunchy Cheetos is a puffed corn snack that comes in many different flavors. I think these are the first 2 dairy ones to hit the market here in Israel but I am not 100% sure about that.

I have yet to see a press release about these Cheese Flavored Crunchy Cheetos, so they might not be as new as I think, but I had not seen them before. If they are not new, I apologize and we will slip this post into the "new to me" category.

Both of the Cheetos were crunchy and full of flavor. Upon opening the bag I could immediately smell the cheese flavor on both snacks.

Considering my disappointment over Bagel Bagel's pizza flavored Safari Pretzels, last year, I was pleasantly surprised that these Cheese Toast Pizza flavored Cheetos did have an obvious pizza taste. I'm guessing the cheese powder they used on these Cheetos really "did the job" and majorly contributed to the "more authentic" pizza flavor.

צ'טוס קראנצ' גבינה חריף בקטנה
Although the Cheese Toast Pizza Cheetos absolutely had a cheesy pizza flavor, I actually preferred the Spicy Cheese Cheetos. They did have a little "kick" to them but they were not overly spicy. The cheese flavor on these Cheetos was less dominant than on the Cheese Toast Pizza ones, but I kind of preferred it that way. I found them to be slightly addictive and it was hard to stop eating them once I started J

Both of these Cheese Flavored Crunchy Cheetos have no artificial food coloring and no preservatives added.

Bottom Line: Seeing that crunchy Cheetos was never my "go to" savory snack I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the Mildly Spicy Cheese Crunchy Cheetos. Yes the Cheese Toast Pizza Crunchy Cheetos certainly lives up to its name, and I can see children of all ages enjoying every last one of them. But if I buy them again I would choose the Mildly Spicy Cheese ones for myself.

100 gram bag – 5.79 NIS

Kosher Dairy Mehadrin

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Love the picture of the open bag!!!!!!!
    SR ;)

  2. Thanks SR, I was actually debating if I should use that photo, I didn't know if you can see the snack itself well enough in the photo, glad you enjoyed that picture:)

  3. What an interesting idea for a blog, Daniela! We try to visit Israel at least once a year. I love shopping for spices in the Carmel market. :)

  4. Thanks Tori, glad you like my blog idea:) I'm really enjoying the journey.
    Yeah the markets here are full of wonderful and unique spices that I'm sure you find great uses for in your cooking once you get them home.