Monday, June 6, 2011

Strauss's Light Blueberry Yogurt Pops

  שטראוס לייט יוגורט אוכמניות
All the ice creams I have reviewed recently;  Strauss's "Magnum Desire" Ice-Cream Bars, Nestlé Crunch Roll Ice-Cream Pops  and Nestlé's "Nok-Out" Mascarpone & Lemon Ice-Cream Bar have been highly caloric indulgences so today I have a low calorie, no sugar added treat to tell you about; Strauss's Blueberry Yogurt Pops.

When my friend in the US saw these yogurt pops in her local store freezer we decided to "review them together" and boy am I glad we did. This 26 calorie blueberry yogurt pop has real blueberries mixed into the yogurt with a ripple of cherry sorbet swirled though the center of the pop.

Although at first my friend was afraid she wouldn't really "go for" the blueberry flavor, as soon as she tried it she thought it was very tasty. She added "if I close my eyes it feels like I'm eating a frozen blueberry yogurt milk shake" I absolutely agreed with her! That is the best way to describe this wonderful treat.

If I'm not mistaken this is the first of Strauss's low calorie pops to have real fruit mixed in. I have to say I really enjoyed the blueberries. We both thought the real blueberries were a wonderful addition to the yogurt pop. Aside from one hard and ultra frozen blueberry my friend got in her bar, we both really liked the blueberries, and the rest of them were soft, chewable and a fun surprise as we ate the yogurt bar.

The sorbet swirl was terrific; we both thought it was the perfect amount. It added a nice extra texture and flavor to the pop. I had assumed it was blueberry but when I read the box it actually said it was cherry flavor. My friend said she thought she had noticed the bar had a cherry flavor but didn’t realize it was from the sorbet swirl. Regardless it "worked" for us and we really enjoyed it.

We actually much preferred the relatively small amount of sorbet in the bar, compared to Strauss's other low calorie yogurt pops, which are coated in a layer of sorbet. They are good too, but this smaller amount of sorbet, just in the center of the bar, was the perfect amount for both my friend and I. I'm guessing that just having the sorbet ripple in the center, and not as a coating, is part of what keeps the calorie count down on this bar compared to Strauss's other low calorie yogurt pops.

The 5 and 3 year old girls that tasted this yogurt pop were immediately hooked! They absolutely enjoyed everything about this yogurt bar. I would like to publicly thank them for waiting just a few moments so photos could be taken of the yogurt pop, for this blog post, before they each got their own bar to enjoy. Thank you girls for your patience J

These bars have less than 1% fat. They have added calcium and vitamin D as well as 2.3 grams of fiber per bar, and as I mentioned before they have no added sugars.

Bottom Line: My friend and I both really enjoyed Strauss's new Low Calorie Blueberry Yogurt with Cherry Sorbet Swirl Pops. The real blueberries Strauss added sets this bars apart from other low calorie bars for both my friend and I.  So if you're looking for a low calorie treat this Shavuot grab a box of these yogurt bars they are "kid tested mother approved"!

Box of 6 – 26.90 NIS
(I wish Strauss would sell these as individual bars in kiosk freezers and not only in a box of 6, so I can buy them from time to time when I am out and about.)

Kosher: Dairy Mehadrin Cholov Yisrael

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Now this is something I really can't wait to try! Cold and sugar-free in this weather?? Sign me up! Chag Sameach!!

  2. Yeah Chavi I think it's totally worth trying:) Enjoy it!
    חג שמח to you too :)