Monday, June 20, 2011

Elite Strauss's White-Chocolate Kif-Kef

עלית כיף-כף לבן
In case you're not familiar with Kif-Kef, it's Elite's answer to Nestlé's Kit-Kat chocolate covered wafer fingers.

"Kef" in Hebrew means fun, so I think it’s a really good name for a chocolate bar and Kif-Kef is a cute "take off" on the Kit-Kat name.

The idea for this White-Chocolate coated Kif-Kef came from the fairly new "MY STRAUSS" campaign where the public is being asked to leave suggestions, on a special Strauss web-page, of any ideas they may have for new Strauss products. Someone by the name of Mor suggested a "vanilla covered Kif-Kef" after some back and forth with Strauss it turns out they meant a white-chocolate covered Kif-Kef. Strauss-Elite liked the idea and ran with it. So we now have a White-Chocolate covered Kif-Kef.

This new Kif-Kef has a white-chocolate coating over the wafer fingers and a layer of milk-chocolate on the bottom of the wafers, as opposed to the regular Kif-Kef that is completely covered in a milk-chocolate.   

Kit-Kat already comes in a white-chocolate version, so it's not all that innovative, but it is new for Kif-Kef.
After some thought, I decided that a comparison between White Kit-Kat and White Kif-Kef would be the best way to review this product.

For starters the chocolate coating on the Kit-Kat is thicker than that of the Kif-Kef. For me, that gives Kit-Kat its first "point" over Kif-Kef.

While the Kit-Kat is completely covered in white-chocolate the Kif-Kef, as I mentioned, has a layer of milk-chocolate at the bottom. I actually preferred the all white-chocolate version of the Kit-Kat. I think Elite should have made it an all white Kif-Kef. I don't know why they so often seems mix in some milk-chocolate to their white bars, as with their new White Summer Chocolate they also put a layer of milk-chocolate at the bottom of that bar, I would have preferred the White Summer Bar to have been all white-chocolate coating as well. Regarding this white Kif-Kef is seemed to me that the layer of milk-chocolate at the bottom sort of dominated the bar and the white-chocolate flavor got somewhat lost in the mix.

This opinion was strengthened when a friend suggested that I "re-taste" the original Kif-Kef to see how it compares to this new white version. The two Kif-Kef bars actually tasted way too similar and I believe it's due to the fact that the new bar also has some milk-chocolate, which I thought took away from the white-chocolate flavor. 

Although neither Kit-Kat or Kif-Kef chocolate bars, have the highest quality chocolate, the Kit-Kat's white chocolate is definitely better, it's richer, smoother and had lots more flavor than Kif-Kef's chocolate.

Both wafers were fresh and crispy but again the Kit-Kat's wafer was a little better so I have to give that point to the Kit-Kat as well, I thought it was tastier more crunch and over all a slightly better quality wafer.

Bottom Line: In a way I think summer an odd time to début a chocolate bar here in Israel (see my review of Elite's Summer Chocolate Bars for the reason) still I think it's a good thing that Elite Strauss is listening to its customers ,and actually developing a product they suggest.
Although the White Kit-Kat is "that much better" than the White Kif-Kef, I think it's nice that those who only eat Cholov Yisrael now have a fairly descent "dupe" for the original White Kit-Kat bar.

45 gram bar (4 fingers)

Kosher Dairy Cholov Yisrael OU - Rabbanut Nazareth-Illit

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Gosh the pictures totally made me crave hat chocolate wafer crunch! ;)!

  2. :) I will "break you off a piece of my Kit Kat... or should I say Kif Kef bar :)