Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lindt Lindor's (Stracciatella) White-Chocolate Truffles

Lindt Lindor has a new, limited edition, White-Chocolate Truffle.

These White-Chocolate Truffle Balls have milk-chocolate cocoa shavings mixed into the white-chocolate shell and are filled with a soft white-chocolate filling.

Lindt is known for their excellent quality chocolates. As I mentioned in my review of Dark Chocolate Egozi Bar my favorite chocolate is bittersweet-chocolate. I actually think that Lindt's 60% bittersweet-chocolates are one of the best chocolates I've tasted, so I was anxious to try these new truffles to see if they live up to the quality I'm used to from Lindt.

I took these White-Chocolate Truffles to a dinner party recently and they got some slightly mixed reviews. Most for my friends actually agreed with me that they were a wonderfully rich, high quality, white-chocolate treat. They remarked that the truffles were so delicious & soft and they enjoyed that the white-chocolate filling just "melts in your mouth"! One friend said it was the best white-chocolate bonbon she had ever tasted and it had become her new favorite. Others at the dinner party thought the truffles were way too sweet but agreed they are made from a nice quality chocolate.

These truffles did spark the age old debate of whether white-chocolate is truly chocolate?  I found this answer on Lindt Lindor's website J

"A much debated question but the answer is yes. Real white-chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder and flavourings, and with the cocoa butter being an ingredient in the recipe, it is considered “chocolate”. All Lindt white-chocolate products are made with a high percentage of cocoa butter."

Lindt Lindor's White-Chocolate Truffles are individually wrapped in a pretty light-blue & white foil and plastic wrapper that I think would look beautiful on any Yom Ha'atzmaut dessert table.

Bottom Line: I thought Lindt Lindor's new White-Chocolate Truffle lives up to the Lindt name. It's a rich, sweet and enjoyable white-chocolate bonbon. I hope Lindt will decide to make them a permanent product and not just a limited edition.  

200 gram box – 28.00 NIS
Kosher - Dairy Rabbinate
אבקת חלב נוכרי 
Triangle K Dairy

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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