Monday, April 18, 2011

Klik Chocolate Covered Cereal Kosher For Pesach

Klik who recently gave us Orange & Bubblegum Chocolate Covered Cereal for Purim now have 3 Kosher for Pesach snacks on the shelf; Milk-Chocolate covered Cariot Cereal, White & Milk-Chocolate covered Cornflakes and White Chocolate half circles covered in Milk-Chocolate.

My guess is that Kilk has teamed up with Telma (or maybe they are "sister companies" I don’t know) but both of the cereal covered Klik snacks seem to be Telma cereals.

I must not be the only one who thinks Telma's Kosher for Pesach Cariot Cereal is a fun snack "the powers that be" at Kilk had the same idea but they took it to the next level and added a thick layer of milk-chocolate.

The cereal in this Kilk chocolate covered Cariot snack is just as wonderful as Cariot Kosher for Pesach cereal but, the added milk-chocolate makes it a very chocolaty and rich treat. If I have just a few its perfect, more than that might be too rich for me.

Kilk Chocolate covered Cariot absolutely passes the "Potato starch test" and I would enjoy this snack any day of the year.

I wasn’t as impressed with the Kilk Chocolate covered Cornflakes, they seemed stale to me. The chocolate was perfectly tasty but I did not enjoy the cereal part of the snack. I personally would give this one a miss.

White Chocolate covered in Milk-Chocolate are simply a creamy rich chocolate treat. As I was tasting them I thought these chocolates might also work really well in baking. They can be a wonderful & rich addition to your favorite home-made Pesach cake or cookie.

Bottom Line: I really enjoyed the Cariot Kilks and the White Chocolate covered in Milk-Chocolate Kliks. Since they are both a little on the rich side, a few will go a long way for me. I personally will skip the Cornflake Kilks.        

Kilk Cariot & Cornflakes – 75 gram bag - 6.05 NIS
Kilk White Chocolate covered in Milk- Chocolate 70 Gram - 6.05 NIS
(2 for 5.00 NIS at Mega Bool)
Kosher Dairy Cholov Yisrael
Kosher for Passover Rabbinate Safed- Kitniyot

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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