Thursday, April 7, 2011

Osem's Pesach Bisli Snacks

Gone are the days that the only "salty/savory" snacks that are available to buy for Pesach are potato chips and nuts. Not that I have anything against potato snacks and nuts but growing up, there were just so many potato and nut snacks I wanted in 8 plus days. (starting whenever the house was "Chametz free" as Conversations in Klal blog explains here). Today there are quite a few Kosher for Pesach salty/savory snack options available on the store shelves, one of which is Osem's Bisli snacks.

The Pesach Bisli is available in a few flavors; barbeque, pizza, falafel, onion and grill flavored.

I tasted the Grill Bisli & Barbeque Bisli

Initially, I thought maybe Osem was joining the "trend" that Elite started with their "Big" line of Shush and Cheetos, because the Pesach Bisli are made "longer and bigger" than the chametz Bisli. It turns out, the reason Osem has made the Pesach Bisli longer or bigger, is so they would visibly look different than the chametz Bisli. Osem wanted to be sure that we, the consumer, will not confuse the two.

At first I was not sure Osem succeeded in this attempt, the barbeque Bisli is obviously double in size to the chametz version but the grill spiral Bisli did not look all that much longer to me. Then, when I compared it to the chumatz version I realized that it was in fact a little longer and the chametz grill spiral is actually wound tighter and closer than this Pesach grill spiral Bisli, so they do look slightly different.

Osem did definitely succeed in making the packaging look different, they made half of the package silver and the other half remained the color of the chametz version of each snack.

Bisli is not my favorite salty/spicy snack all year round, I much prefer pretzels but I do think these Pesach Bisli live up to what they are meant to be. They are made with Matzo meal, yet they don’t have a distinct "Pesach taste". They are spicy & crunchy and in that way, similar to the chametz Bisli, but they do taste ever so slightly different.   

The Kosher for Pesach Bisli have no added preservatives, no food coloring and no Kitniyot.

I wanted to point out to my many USA readers that these Pesach Bisli are likely to be available in a supermarket near you as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see on Israel Food Tours blog that these Bisli are available in Portland, Oregon. So it's likely they'll be on the shelves in other states as well.

Bottom Line:  I think those that enjoy Bisli all year round will enjoy these Pesach Bisli too, but they will notice a little difference in taste.

70 gram bag- 4.50 NIS (two for 5 NIS at Mega Bool)

Kosher Rabbinate (Charlap) No Kitniyot Kosher for Passover 

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. yes, I found these in NY already 2 weeks ago. my daughter loves the curly ones so I'm happy I'll have what to give her Pesach.

    now we just need KLP pita bread and chummus for her!

  2. "yes, I found these in NY already 2 weeks ago."

    Cool - great to know they are in NY as well:)

    "now we just need KLP pita bread and chummus for her!"

    Believe it or not I actually have a Pillsbury Roll I will be posting a review on next week. I'm sure its no pita but hay when I was growing up rolls for Pesach were unheard of...check back next week to see if its worth looking for them,
    I just bought it today I will "report back" after I taste it :)