Monday, April 11, 2011

Osem's Mini Yellow Crouton Soup-Rings Kosher for Pesach

אסם שקדי מרק טבעות
 כשר לפסח
Being that Mini Yellow Croutons is one of Osem's flagship products it was not surprising to me when they recently gave us Tri-Color Mini Croutons so a Pesach Osem Yellow Crouton is something I sort of expected from them. They didn’t disappoint and have now made Osem Pesach Mini Crouton Rings.

Osem Pesach Croutons are shaped like a small little round ring, fun shape in my opinion.

Before my friend and I added these Pesach croutons to our soup we both agreed that as a dry snack they somehow reminded us of potato sticks. I'm not sure how many I would want to eat as a snack because they were slightly oily. After a few it might be too much.

A 5 year old who likes the Chametz Osem mini yellow croutons was not a fan of the Pesach ones, granted she didn’t taste them in soup but only as a dry snack, her 3 year old sister though, did enjoy them.  

My friend suggested that they would be a wonderful garnish for a salad, the same way she might add chow main noodles to top a salad. I agree they would add a nice crunch, different flavor and a splash of yellow to the right salad.

Once added to soup we didn't think they were too oily. Although they don't taste exactly like the original Mini Yellow Croutons we both enjoyed the taste and thought it added a nice flavor and crunch to our soup.

They do get soggy faster than the chametz croutons but when we added them slowly as we ate our soup they did stay crunchy enough for us to enjoy the whole bowl of soup.

Even those that went soggy were enjoyable because they kind of turned into a noodle and we like chicken noodle soup so either way it worked for us.

We both agreed that these Mini Crouton Rings pass the "potato starch test" but they do have a slight waxy aftertaste. I'm just not sure that has anything to do with the potato starch.

Osem's Pesach Mini Crouton Rings are available both in Israel and in the US but the packaging is different. Here in Israel they are sold in a bag with a sticker for re-closing purposes. The American version is sold in a box that has a silver bag inside (not sure why they have to waste paper to make the box). Sadly no sticker or other re-closing option for the American package.

 I would suggest looking for something like these vacuum zip-lock bags to be sure the croutons stay fresh throughout Pesach.

Osem's Pesach Mini Crouton Rings have no added preservatives.

Bottom Line: Even though Osem's Pesach Mini Crouton Rings don't taste exactly like the chametz version, we were impressed with them and they were enjoyable. I think they will be a nice addition to my soup or salad this Pesach.

Kosher Parve
Kosher for Passover Mehadrin - Charlap and Chatom Sofer
         חתם סופר      חרל"פ                                           
No Kitniyot     

150 gram bag -7.29 NIS

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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