Monday, April 18, 2011

Elite's Kosher For Pesach Wafers

After really enjoying Elite's Pesek Zman Kosher for Pesach Wafers I had high hopes for Elite's Kosher for Pesach Chocolate Cream filled Wafers, but they were a big disappointment to me.I'm not sure why I'm surprised considering their Chametz "Mini Cubed Wafers" failed to impress me. Why should this Elite wafer be any different?

Even thought they are made of potato starch, and not matzo meal, the wafer part actually passed my "potato starch taste test". It's a light, fresh and crispy wafer. Even a little better than the Chametz wafer.

What always seems to be the issue I have with Elite's wafers is the cheap, chalky filling that leaves a waxy aftertaste. Why don’t they use a better quality cream filling and have a winner of a wafer for Pesach or all year round?

As with Elite's Mini Cubed Wafer, I was impressed with the packaging of these Passover Chocolate Cream filled Wafers, they come in a 400 gram box, and each 100 grams is wrapped individually in a very convenient foil color wrapping. It's easy to open a few and still keep the rest fresh for some other time. Elite really seem to be taking packaging seriously, which I think it very important for an overall successful product, but I just wish the wafers themselves were worth buying and eating.

The package says they have less than 20ppm gluten; I'm not sure what that means for those who are not allowed to have gluten but I figured I will pass on the information.

These wafers have no food coloring, no preservatives and no trans fat

Bottom Line: Don’t judge a product solely by its packaging, these Elite Kosher for Pesach Wafers are not a winner for me. If I want a wafer this holiday I'd go for the Pesek Zman and leave these wafers on the store shelf.

400 gram box – 14.99 NIS

 Kosher Dairy - Cholov Yisrael - Rabbinate Nazareth-Illit
Kosher For Passover

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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