Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MamaOf's Kosher for Pesach Schnitzel

מאמא עוף שניצל - כשר לפסח
 MamaOf has 2 Kosher for Pesach "breaded" chicken breasts available for Pesach this year.

I actually wanted the smaller fun star shaped one but, I could not find that in my supermarket, so I got the full size schnitzels instead.

Both of MamaOf's Pesach Schnitzels are made with real chicken breast and are coated in a "home-style" matzo breading.

The chicken breast had a wonderful and clean chicken breast taste, just like the chametz MamaOf-RitzuOf I reviewed here.

The home-style coating did come off more easily than the chametz version but it didn’t completely fall apart as I was eating it.

Even though I heated it up on a sandwich maker/ Panini grill it was still a little less crunchy than the "crunchy RitzuOf" so yes it's obviously different to the chametz MamaOf schnitzels but I still enjoyed it and thought it was absolutely successful.

The coating does have flavor from the different spices MamaOf added but nothing overpowers the clean chicken breast taste. I think any of your favorite Pesach condiments would work well with this schnitzel.

To me it actually tasted perfectly wonderful in a sandwich made with the Kosher for Pesach Rolls

These MamaOf Pesach chicken breast schnitzels have no added preservatives or food coloring and are not Kitniyot.

Bottom Line: With all the cooking needed throughout this week long holiday it's nice to know there's the option of buying a ready-made schnitzel and having a healthy tasty meal within minutes. 
700 gram bag - 37.30 nis
Kosher for Passover- Rav Tzephaniah Drori Kiryat Shmona 
רב צפניה דרורי שליטה קריית שמונה

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. so sorry I didn't see this before pesach! My son only eats MamaOf shnitzels, I would have tried these if i knew they were around!

  2. Bummer about this year, but the likelihood is MamaOf will make them again next year and you will know to look for them:)