Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elite's "Chocolate Para" Kids Cake + Coupon

עלית עוגות שוקולד פרה לילדים
As I have mentioned in past reviews of Osem and Elite cakes I'm not a fan of mass-produced cakes. If I can't have something home baked I'd much rather get something fresh from the bakery. So when I read the press release for these new Elite Chocolate Para Cakes I thought I was going to skip them.

Then as I was standing in the supermarket trying to decide if I should spend the 14.90 NIS, and possibly be disappointed, I got a call from a good friend who told me that she and her husband where here in Israel for a few days and before they get back on the plane this afternoon she'd like to pop by for a quick hello. I was really excited to see her. I knew I wouldn’t make it to the bakery in time so I decided to get this cake. As an extra bonus I'd be able to give you two more opinions, other than my own, in this blog post.

Elite's Chocolate Para cakes come with 2 different icings one white- chocolate icing with colorful sprinkles and the other has a milk-chocolate icing with the same colorful sprinkles. Somehow the white-chocolate icing looked more exciting to me so that’s the one I got.

These new cakes are geared toward children, starting with the more fun looking wrapper and continuing with the colorful candy drawings all over the paper cake pan it comes in. I for one think presentation is important so I give Elite points for those little fun details.

The cake has a fairly thick yet smooth and creamy layer of white-chocolate icing on top. It also has a good amount of the colorful round sprinkles scattered about.
I found the white-chocolate icing way too sweet for my taste. As with almost every Elite chocolate I've ever tasted I thought this white-chocolate icing was somewhat chalky. Still I was impressed with how smooth and creamy it was.

Regarding the sprinkles I'm not a fan of round sprinkles. I think they're too hard to bite into and that bothers me. Then again I do think they add excitement and color to the cake. Aside from which, most kids seem to really enjoy having any and all sprinkles added to cakes, cookies, ice cream etc. I just wish they would've used the flat less hard sprinkles and not these round hard ones.

For a mass-produced chocolate cake I thought the cake itself was fine. It was a low and somewhat dense cake, yet it was fairly soft and had a "fluffiness" to it. Don’t get me wrong it also had some of the "issues" I have with commercial cakes, like being too oily and leaving a slight flour/powdery aftertaste in my mouth. But in all fairness I've tasted much worse commercial chocolate cakes.

My friend agreed with me that the white-chocolate icing was super sweet but she said she enjoyed the cake as a whole. She added that compared to other such cakes this wasn’t half bad. She pointed out that kids would enjoy the ultra sweet white-chocolate icing and wouldn’t really notice its "chalkiness" or the cakes flour aftertaste. Her husband didn’t seem to mind either of those things. He did think the icing made the cake very sweet but given that he didn’t add any sugar to his tea he thought that just a small slice of cake added the perfect amount of sweetness to this midday snack.

Bottom Line: Although all three of us might be "kids at heart" we aren’t Elite's "target audience" for this Chocolate Para Cake. Still both my friend and her husband seemed to enjoy the cake enough that when I offered that they take the leftover cake to nibble on in the airport they were happy to accept it.

I can't see myself buying this cake again but if I'm ever in a pinch and needed a cake for a children's party I may choose this Chocolate Para with White-Chocolate icing cake over other commercial cakes found on the supermarket shelves.

330 gram cake – 14.90 NIS

Kosher Dairy Cholov Yisrael Rabbinate Nazareth-Illit 

Update :
I found a coupon online
for  these Elite cakes it's a
 25% off coupon

Not useable at
Mega Bool, Zol B'Shefa,Yesh and AM:PM
it expires 31-12-12

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I dislike mass produced cakes as well, have you ever tried putting one in the oven, just for a few minutes? I always feel that helps taste-wise when I had no time to bake.

  2. No I have never tried that but wow it sounds like a great little trick that I would love to try. Thanks for the idea.
    In this case the cake has a thick chocolate icing on top that may actually make it really interesting once the chocolate icing melts into the cake.
    I gotta give it a try next time. Thanks for the suggestion:)